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It's that time of the year!

Mon Dec 24, 2012 11:55 am by Fuura

Yes it is.

For some it's snowy goodness, for some it's sunny festivities.
Christmas is happening just now and i sincerely hope, no expect, everyone to have a smahing time with family, relatives and …

Grand Opening on the Horizon

Thu May 24, 2012 7:32 am by Fuura

I know there have been a couple people already, who have been watching and have gotten very excited, and today, i am excited to say this:

Everything of importance is done and registrations are open. …

All done with rulemaking

Sat Mar 17, 2012 11:29 pm by Fuura

Yes, all done. With the main rules, as in the rulebook, application rules and creations rules.
The inventory and some minor topics stil need some work. But the main rule construct is all ready.

Rest …

    Mg Ark [Captain Fishman]

    MG Ark
    MG Ark
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    Mg Ark [Captain Fishman]

    Post by MG Ark on Sun May 27, 2012 7:29 am

    Character Sheet

    Personal Information

    First Name: MG [Initials of a name long forgotten in it's entirety]
    Last Name: Ark [Typically called by his last name instead of MG]
    Nickname: N/A
    Birth date: July 17
    Age: 29
    Weight: 425
    Height: 10'1

    Eye colour: Grey
    Hair colour: Black

    As most Fishmen are quite a bit larger than humans some exceed even the fishman standards and are considered large among that race as well. Ark is one of these. Bearing red skin and black hair usually covered up by a bandana. The very idea of strength seems to be placed into the creation of Ark's body. While compared to his powerful chest, abs and general torso-related muscles his arms may seem a bit skinny but they are as thick as normal humans and filled to the breaking point in bulging muscle under his rough fishman skin. His legs are similar though mostly because of his being a fishman they aren't used for combat as much as used for swimming and doing so with extreme power and ability. In addition his face is fairly unique in having very rounded eyes, a prominant black beard, peach fuzz of a mustache, a flat nose, and a spiked dorsal fin on the back of his head. His prominant neck is as large as most of his chest. Giving him what appears to be a small head in comparison despite it's normal size for his body. This neck is adorned by a necklace of sideburns and a tie that is of his beard reaching down appropriately to right above his tatoo clearly stuck right in the center of his chest. What would appear as a target more than a sign of his honor and his past. An oddity about his arms exists where most people and even fishmen would have a single point on their arm of muscular bulging such as the bicep Ark has two of them one right above and one right below the elbow further making a point of how powerful he is physically.

    Special features: As mentioned before a large dorsal fin is located on the back of his head. In addition to this a large tattoo is found on the center of his chest as some kind of memorable notion of his life before he forgot his name and now can only call himself MG Ark.

    Clothing: Ark wears a formal looking military jacket over a bare chest and dark black pants that are made out of a rather fine silky material. A camo bandana is on his head but tha'ts less for the practical use of camoflauge but more for the style of it as well as covering up the masses of black wild hair that is contained underneath. Adorned upon his waist is a leatherish belt with a steel buckle. However by far the most unique piece of clothing on his person is the military jacket. Bearing a dark scarlet coloring along the sleeves, silver buckles to connect it over his broad and bare chest if need or wished to be done, and pauldrons upon his shoulder as if to exemplify rank with a striped inner piece that would almost appear to be a vest if not attached to the jacket to show the formality almost ironically due to no shirt being worn underneath. Amazing despite his large natured size he seems to be outmatched by his own jacket in size. Clearly showing that this had been made for something even larger than himself.

    Origin and family

    Origin: Fishman Island

    Cailard-Father-Assumed Alive
    Meruna-Mother-Assumed Alive
    Wisher- Older Brother-Deceased
    Fisher- Older Brother-Deceased
    Spade- Younger Brother- Sold into Slavery
    [All of these deaths and their purposes will be explained in depth within the history section.]


    Personality: Ark isn't as complex of a man as he seems to be seen as, at least outwardly. He has creativity in the form of combat and navigational skills. He has intelligence in the form of knowing things about the world and having information on certain subjects and being able to solve problems that come up. However he lacks a certain depth most people would say upon knowing him for a time. This isn't necessarily true because he isn't a soulless being but he really comes across as a surface level character to most in their life stages. His focuses on life are more to be honorable and to find out who he is actually before he goes about setting himself the goal of becoming the king of the world or becoming the greatest fighter or anything of the kind but in the back of his mind he's always had that fighting desire to be killed in battle as a leader of men.

    As his death wish is to die on the battlefield he has no qualms with killing others. He's not a psychopath about it killing everyone who would be in his way and he's not averted to it as those who fight with blunt weapons tend to be, in this case his fists, in most situations. Being a giant of a fishman adds to his intimidation factor shoving off a good number of potential challengers to his word and his claims of rule and leadership. Naturally though such intimidation rarely breeds true followers but instead those who are drawn by fear of him until someone else would take power above him. He therefore seeks people who do not fear him that are also willing to work under him so he can achieve his most realistic dream. Despite how difficult and unreasonable that dream would be to most people including himself. Honor is a huge factor for Ark and running from battle is unacceptable. Ark maintains the most honorable way to die in battle is facing someone with your fists as they are also using their fists and for one to die and the other to live. Using nothing but the pure skill of your mind and the pure power of your body against the same attributes of an opponent. He views swords to be an acceptable art form as well as axes and other skill based weapons. However he has a dislike of most guns and gunman by contrast and barely any respect for archers.

    Underneath this shell of honor and of his goals in life is his true feelings and personality. Which is simply that he is lost and has no real care in the world except for that which would further his goals. His goals are all he is left with after his entire past was ripped away from him and while his past is the motivator of one of his goals starting from a cold trail is hardly anything he or anyone else could manage. This is the sense of longing to travel around and to keep battling. For he figures that if anyone could ever match him in combat they may know something about him or his past. May recognize a natural style. Thus he resolved to use his fists rather than swords hoping the style would be more noticeable. Staying true to his fishman nature Ark has never strayed from the path and began to dislike the path of the devil fruit users because they could so easily trade such a thing as swimming from the human perspective for more power while a fishman would be so much more powerful in the water rather than on land.

    Appearance and behaviour: In public it would be best to describe Ark as a reactionary. Having such a giant stature has never really given him the need to approach people first though it's not because he is shy or has any anxiety over it. Typically when a giant red fishman walks near you, you either back up or you adress it. When in interactions with new people Ark would be considered a rather agressive speaker. Cutting to the point and not one to 'shoot the bull' with anyone. He's against such deep conversation with people that he doesn't know because of his great disdain for people who fear him. Having been so widely feared for such a long time Ark has ended up having a great disdain for people before meeting them and until they prove him otherwise rather than waiting for them to give him a reason to dislike or like them.

    His atmosphere would be slightly different around his friends and those whom he knows better than complete strangers. He's still not one to talk a lot and not one to press a subject or to reveal his own life to them. Though if they have been worth getting to know enough to become not a 'stranger' in the eyes of Ark they have earned a place of quiet respect in his eyes and therefore not treated as coldy as he would to other people but instead with a warm distance.

    Interests and Hobbies:
    Navigation: Training and learning how to navigate across the sea was a very high point of interest for Ark. being that he could swim the entire way to almost any location being a powerful fishman specimen.

    Assaulting Ships: Ark has a deep love for sneaking up underneath of ships and shaking them around and bumping them off course or even ripping up the sails of ships while trying to be stealthy despite being a giant red fishman. It's a hobby that has moved him through the days of his journeying many times throughout his life.

    Preferences: Hand to hand combat, honor, skilled people rather than brutes, other fishmen, those who respect him.
    Dislikes:Guns, archers, half giants, brutes, cannons, devil fruit non swimmers, people who fear him,

    Goals: Ark is divided between a primary and secondary goal. In the event the primary goal is completed in his life the secondary will become the new primary and he will seek that to his death.

    Primary: To discover what happened to him and what his past really is.
    Secondary: To be marked down in history as the greatest leader and fighter of his time leading his own crew and to be killed in battle rather than a peaceful death to preserver his honor and to give history something to do with him.


    Inky, Pinky, Blinky and Clyde: Ark was born into a rather large fishman family. Two brothers in existance before he was born with a mother and father that were both around and before long another brother came out and it was a family of six. Everything was fine there on fishman island with Ark and his friends and family. They were considered to be mostly a middle class family and when the brothers started to get old enough they decided that it would be fun to venture outward from time to time. Leaving the membrane of fishman island and venturing into the sea as adolescents as a pass time of theirs always exploring and adventuring. Eventually the rebellious nature of the teen spirit took hold at the age of 17 or so and the quartet of fishmen ventured too far from fishman island. In doing so the four of them were slung together by a group of hunters and thrown into a giant prison below decks on a ship. This was the first time any of them had ever been above water and it was horribly traumatic and bred a hate of humans.

    Soon after they were being held at a slave auction for the Celestial dragons as worker slaves. Spade was sold into slavery first at slightly below normal fishman price due to his young age of 15, 890,000. It was about the time that Spade had been sold into slavery that the first auction had ended and the three brothers were thrown into a room with the rest of the prisoners to be sold. It was also here that Ark was filled with a rage unlike any he had ever felt before. He started preaching to the slaves about how they would never live free after these events and that it would take more than just slave collars and slave bands to hold them down. A free fishman in his birth and a free fishman in his death and all of that wonderous slave talk. He was overheard by a loner in the corner who blasted a powerful wave of heat across them before touching each slave collar and causing it to melt. A devil fruit user that could control heat, also a first for Ark to witness the mystical power of a devil fruit. When the guards and marines opened that door they would find a little surprise...

    The doors soon after opened and the slaves rushed outward in a violent zerg rush that was as destructive as it was surprising. Knocking a guard down almost immediately and taking his weapon was Ark's brother Fisher and soon after Wisher had done the same thing. The devil fruit man was melting faces and Ark charged forward and slammed his closed and giant fist into the first human's face that he saw. This happened to be the auctioneer who was different from the one yesterday. Somewhere overhead Ark could hear people yelling and guns going off and saw Wisher take a bullet to the chest on the opposite side of his heart and charge forward at the direction of the bullet. A scream in the corner was heard and a very fearful voice yelling "GET THE MARINES HERE NOW!" and before long the slaves had taken the auction house. The devil fruit man had taken charge of the slaves militia force and began barking orders. "Seal the doors...good good. Take positions here with the guns. Yes the swords behind the gunners." Before long a voice boomed through the doors asking for hostages. There was none and after being told that the voice on the other side chuckled and spoke something behind him before a massive blast occured and a cannon ball slammed into Fisher's chest and knocked him back against the wall leaving a gaping hole in his chest that had nearly cut him in half with force. He was dead before he hit the wall. Trained marines marched in through the blasted door frame and began systematically shooting the slaves that didn't surrender...which none did. The devil fruit man could be heard calling for a full retreat back to behind the wall the slaves were hidden behind before they were brought to auction. In doing so he looked around at who was left. Mostly injured but some uninjured including Ark who had so far only been scratched up in a brawl with a guard. Among them they had but a mere 15 survivors. 8 of which were wounded and 5 of them critically.The devil fruit man gave a command to all of the unwounded to rush to the left out of the door and run as fast as possible away. He himself picked up a gun and charged outward firing at the marines. Wisher was the first to run toward the exit but caught a bullet between his eyes from a marine sharpshooter and dropped onto the ground with his brains all over the wall behind him. Ark himself was shot at when he tried to make a move however the shot missed dislodging the fortress of a wall they had hid behind only moments before knocking it down on the survivors...

    Ark awoke an unknown time later after with a massive headache. His memory was very hazy and all he could think of was the word ark. He wanted an ark to get out of the sea. Someone had joked with him about that in the past and now he was in the dark with a headache. His thoughts never returned to him as he managed to push debris from his mangled form and walk outside of the place he had been in. There were bullet holes in all of the walls and massive amounts of damage done to everything nearby. No people were in sight either only a sign that read G and a collapsed M on the ground. Perhaps it was an upside down W. It was hard to tell but MG reminded him of his initials in some way. Initials of some kind and why couldn't they be his? Ark closed his eyes and suddenly his head hurt worse. So he made his way to the most reasonable place for a fishman, the water. It was there that he jumped into the water and began to swim in the direction that he had felt most at home. East as it was though his actual home was far below the surface in fishman island.

    Tom, Tom the navigator's son: After finding his way to an island he climbed ashore. His injuries were nothing threatening and by the time he had reached this new island his head was clearer again. The raging pains that had caused so much damage before had subsided and he was finally feeling freer. Though the events of his escape even when he had the headache raging were still a blur. All he could remember was MG and Ark. So upon reaching this island he started wandering around. Eventually finding a ship and calling out for someone to help him. Eventually a large man with a very cliche pirate hat came out to greet him and explained that he was the captain of this pirate ship and that he was about to set off. He told Ark that he was a sturdy looking man and he could be of use on the ship and then asked his name. "Errr well I think....I go by MG....I mean Ark. Nope MG Ark. My name is MG Ark." Was Ark's response at the time. From then on he was mostly called Ark.

    He sailed with this crew for a few years getting his ship legs as a fishman and being trained in the art of hand to hand combat as well as being trained how to steer a ship and where the major islands were. Learning about the world all over again since he had lost most of his memories. The combat of the marines and the pirates. The freedom life on the sea. The names of different islands. The legends of the sea and the rumors were all taught to him. This process took a good chunk of years from Ark's life. He was no longer a teenager or a young adult but now a full grown 10'1 fishman weighing a staggering 425 pounds of pure muscle and might being an expert of hand to hand combat. His age was now 25 and he knew how to be a pirate as well as what it meant to be just as such.

    Eventually the crew landed at Loguetown in East Blue and the captain clapped Ark on the shoulder and said to him. "You've a quest far different from mine and me crew's boy. Ya need to find yer own way and now that ye know ta world and ta sea ye can do dat. I taught ya and what ye got on yer shoulders be a good head. I'll be leaving ya here but I hope ta see ya again before long." That was the last words between Ark's best friend and Ark. Soon after Ark spied the ship sailing off into the distance chasing down a marine runner in the nearby area firing cannons and the crew whuuping and yelling from the deck. Ark smiled and turned into town to begin his own life quest. First to discover what his past was and then to die honorably as he had learned from the captain.

    Character Exposition Statement: First he took on odd jobs to buy a waterproof container to lug around his money in and stayed in Loguetown for a year or two making money after that before jumping into the water. He traveled the sea on his own for another year and began to gain renown as the fishman warrior of East Blue. Using his own fishman body to swim his way from island to island. A great advantage over humanity as he hunted for the answer to his quests.

    Character Image

    Avatar origin: Fisher Tiger - One Piece

    Writing Sample
    It was a late night in downtown Karakura.Many of the young citizens were heading out in their most expensive outfits to the nightclubs and bars that only came alive after midnight.A typical evening,full of typical people.All except one:A tall man(for Japanese standards,anyway) with dark purple hair stood motionless in the park.He wouldn't be that easy to notice if he wasn't wearing an off-white suit with a black shirt and white tie.Or if he didn't wear the black gloves that covered his hands.But maybe,just maybe,it was the fact that he wore a ceramic mask on his face.The mask was decorated with two holes for the eyes,thick black lines going down each side that led to a thickly painted smile with what seemed to be stitches all across it.Such an odd thing for anyone to wear.

    Such an odd thing for anyone to be doing.The man just stood there,motionless.His left hand rested on the pommel of the black rapier that was strapped to his hip and his right hand carried a bottle of Pinot noir and two empty glasses.His gray eyes seemed to be staring off into space as he just...stood there.

    A brown haired man was approaching, He stopped a few feet away from him,yet Ark didn't stir.The man was only pausing before pressing on to invade Ark's space,standing only a foot away from him,staring into the eyes of the mask.Or at least what everyone thinks are the eyes of the mask.Those eyes blinked.They belonged to Ark,in all of their dull gray delight.Ark smiled,but the man couldn't have seen such a thing on account of the mask.

    Ark looked at the man and simply said:"Banzai."Such an odd statement,but Ark was an odd man.He quickly glanced over the figure of the man before him before he continued.

    The words of Ark or rather word seemed to exude confidence.The human spoke as if he were some high ranking official who was in control of everything around him. Ark liked the way he came across this time .He moved his left hand from the pommel and gripped the handle of the rapier and drew it from its scabbard.Ark threw the rapier down into the ground before him as he shifted the two glasses in his right hand over to his free left hand.He somehow managed to uncork the bottle of Pinot Noir with his left hand.

    Ark poured the rich,dark,wine into both glasses and passed one on to the man before him.He placed the bottle in his hand on the ground and raised his right hand to his face,removing the mask that covered it.His face was reminiscent of a bird's,his nose was curved and pointed downward and his pale gray eyes seemed to stare into the other's very soul.

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    MG Ark
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    Re: Mg Ark [Captain Fishman]

    Post by MG Ark on Sun May 27, 2012 7:30 am

    Status Sheet I


    Strength (4) - 1747 - Level 2
    Stamina (2) - 600 - Level 1
    Speed (2) - 600 - Level 1
    Dexterity (1) - 100 - Level 1
    Reaction (2) - 500 - Level 1
    Concentration (1) - 100 - Level 1


    Hand-to-Hand (4) - 800 - Level 2
    Daggers (1) - 0 - Level 0
    Swords(1) - 0 - Level 0
    Axes (1) - 0 - Level 0
    Katana (1) - 0 - Level 0
    Chains & Strings (1) - 0 - Level 0
    Blunt weapons (4) - 0 - Level 0
    Poles (1) - 0 - Level 0
    Twohanders (1) - 0 - Level 0
    Bows (1) - 0 - Level 0
    Firearms (1) - 0 - Level 0
    Unconventional arms (1) - 0 - Level 0
    Devil Fruit (1) - 0 - Level 0


    Style Name Red Scale

    Weapons: Gauntlets, Fists, Skin

    Description: A highly combative fishman style based around the usage of water and skin in the application of hand to hand combat applying the fishman strengths to neutralize the fishman weaknesses while all the while providing a heavy close quarters combat (CQC) effectiveness primarily with the usage of fists and fist aiding devices such as gauntlets or other direct physical hand to hand enhanc(ers)ment.

    ------------ Techniques ------------

    Technique Name Nature's fish film

    Prerequisites: Stamina level 1. Strength level 2.
    Weapon typed: Hand to Hand
    Cost: 200

    Description: The Fishman using this technique would be immersed in water at the beginning of the technique [required]. Upon doing so this allows for the water to be absorbed into the very skin itself during the time spent in the water soaking it inside of the actual body rather than just applying it in a way such as getting wet. Upon reaching land the fishman would then expell the water from his body creating a shimmering bubble of blue-white water that would appear very obviously to all around. This 'bubble' would allow for the fishman to move as if fully underwater for the duration of it's short lived presence.

    Devil Fruit

    Fruit Name: N/A

    Type: N/A
    Description: N/A

    ------------ D-Techniques ------------

    Technique Name: N/A

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    MG Ark
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    Re: Mg Ark [Captain Fishman]

    Post by MG Ark on Sun May 27, 2012 7:31 am

    Status Sheet II

    Job Expertise

    Navigator (M) - 0 - Level 0
    Doctor - 0 - Level 0
    Cook - 0 - Level 0
    Smith - 0 - Level 0
    Carpenter - 0 - Level 0
    Musician - 0 - Level 0


    ------------ Job Skills ------------

    Skill Template


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    Re: Mg Ark [Captain Fishman]

    Post by Fuura on Sun May 27, 2012 9:29 pm

    From the writing and logic standpoint, nothing is all that wrong. As a tip, you should try to get away from using the same word too often in quick succession, such as "prominent" in Appearance, as the first instance of it happening. It just reads oddly.

    Also, try to make use of commas more often. There's nothing wrong with writing a lot, but if it's split into individual sentences every five words or so, that, too disturbs the reading flow.

    Status I, looks alright. But we have to wrap up the technique/style stuff before we know for sure.

    Status II, looks alright too. Still, i have some questions. One: Are you sure he can't read, write or do math? Because you are lacking the skills for both.
    Second: Does he not possess ANYTHING? Not just weapons and stuff can be listed for one's personal inventory, but also, how much money they have, items of intellectual value etc.
    MG Ark
    MG Ark
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    Re: Mg Ark [Captain Fishman]

    Post by MG Ark on Mon May 28, 2012 7:39 am

    I'm possitive he can't read, write, or do math. Raised as a fishman urchin mischief maker then lost his memories and joined a pirate crew doesn't necessarily scream literary lifestyle. In any case equipment wise lacking all equipment is a good way to start aside from the clothing articles described in appearance. I'm fond of spartan starts.

    Please forgive my writing ineffectively and less than powerful and skillful at the moment. It's been rather close to a year before i've done any real rp or made a real app so this is me coming back from a long vacation and I hope you don't mind until I get back into the groove of things.

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    Re: Mg Ark [Captain Fishman]

    Post by Fuura on Tue May 29, 2012 7:01 am

    Remember to add the updated technique for the style, once it's approved, other then that, we are pretty solid.

    Tech is a-okay. SO i'll add my wonderful stamp of approval.

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    Re: Mg Ark [Captain Fishman]

    Post by Skipper on Wed May 30, 2012 9:15 am

    After reading the application, I hereby bestow an...


    Also quicklink to your style's status.


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    Re: Mg Ark [Captain Fishman]

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