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It's that time of the year!

Mon Dec 24, 2012 11:55 am by Fuura

Yes it is.

For some it's snowy goodness, for some it's sunny festivities.
Christmas is happening just now and i sincerely hope, no expect, everyone to have a smahing time with family, relatives and …

Grand Opening on the Horizon

Thu May 24, 2012 7:32 am by Fuura

I know there have been a couple people already, who have been watching and have gotten very excited, and today, i am excited to say this:

Everything of importance is done and registrations are open. …

All done with rulemaking

Sat Mar 17, 2012 11:29 pm by Fuura

Yes, all done. With the main rules, as in the rulebook, application rules and creations rules.
The inventory and some minor topics stil need some work. But the main rule construct is all ready.

Rest …

    Chan, Jin

    Chan Jin
    Chan Jin

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    Chan, Jin

    Post by Chan Jin on Tue Jun 05, 2012 5:03 am

    Character Sheet

    Personal Information

    First Name: Jin
    Last Name: Chan
    Nickname: Jin, Jinchan, Jackie
    Birth date: Unknown
    Age: 37 years old
    Weight: 174 pounds
    Height: 6' 2" feet

    Eye colour: Dark grey
    Hair colour: Black

    Appearance: In the past, Jin looked like a fierce barbarian, complete with horrid sense of apparel mostly compiled by stitched garments, a thick beard, and a helmet which has the shape of a tiger. He was quite invigorated with youth, and contrary to what many people know, he was in fact bulkier than he was now. Filled with muscles mixed with fat, and was quite hairier too. In a way, if one compares the modern Jin to the past younger Jin, they couldn't find much similarities between them, as if the two were different people entirely. One was more wide-eyed, hot headed, and always retained a scowl on his face, which was the past Jin. The modern Jin has a jovial seemingly permanent smirk on his face, has a calmer look, and of course, has more wrinkles.

    Remarkably, Jin has thinned extremely, losing his original mass he held after having settled down into a life of marriage, shaving off his renowned beard and actually adopting a proper set of attires. His eyes are quite dark if not intense. He also became paler, losing what tanned complexion he had from getting kissed by the sun too much, doesn't help he had a hat on often and wore less revealing clothing. He still retains some aspects of a toned body, but nothing like before.

    He has a somewhat receding hairline, slicked back hair, lacking in any facial hair save a very thin stubble, some wrinkles here and there, the most notable being the ones under his eyes, and some ample body hair to help him keep some degree of warmth.

    Special features: Fiercely intense squinty eyes.

    Clothing: Usually wears loose shirts with full sleeves that are rolled up to the mid-forearm, especially seen in the fact he wears loose shirts often. He also wears hats, full pants, and jackboot-like footwear that overlaps the pants and is worn over the threads in a typical manner of fashion regardless of what he has, or the closest equivalence to it. He has a fondness of letting the breeze kiss him and flow through, and when prompted in colder conditions, merely rolls his sleeves down and tightens his garments so that it won't be that adverse.

    His fondness of hats almost borders philiac levels, and he is often a fan of brimmed hats. Not only it shades him from the sun, but adds an allure and gravitas to his persona, but that's but a bonus! To all an extent, this thing merely originates from his fondness of hats from an unknown source, an urge, a compulsion to have hats, Jin prefers not to go without hats no matter the circumstances. He also prefers the colors gold, black and red. Often preferring Oriental style clothing.

    Origin and family

    Origin: Siwanglong "Si" Island, East Blue

    Family: He does have a former relationship with his brother and his brother's wife on a strictly friendly albeit distanced basis. Also has a nephew named Xin whom he remembers at birth, but nothing beyond knowing him personally given the remote nature and contact of Jin and Yin. But he nonetheless loves his nephew platonically as an uncle.

    He notably has a wife he loves and fears at the same time, and several kids, snobby brats that he dislikes in antics, but otherwise loves as a father.


    Personality: In the past, Jin was brutal, uncaring, uncompassionate, and quite ruthless in his delusional methods to rid the world of Marines, despite how small he is, despite what a somewhat above-average individual he is, he thought and fancied himself a revolutionary for the people, a prodigy, a divinely-given gift to the world to change it for the better, chasing after the abstract and the intangible concepts that one cannot feel, one cannot experience, and just as ridiculous as the Absolute Justice the Marines keep preaching.

    For Jin, he was after the Revolution, blinded by his own arrogance that he was helping others, but rather he was oppressing them, never holding a concern for livelihood, lacking empathy, and being an all general monster. This was naturally in youth, when he is blind to the opinions of others, an idealist that fought so hard against the Marines for their oppression, without ever realizing that he was in fact just as the same as the monsters he fought. His justification for such things was that it was out of necessity, blind to wisdom of those around him, he blinded himself only to those that agree, making it all a matter of black and white affairs. People like him don't live for so long.

    Though what changed him was that his actions brought consequences, and he was lucky to have got away incognito, and presumed dead. Settling down with a man that he'd normally rob made him see different opinions, different views, that not the entire world revolved around him. This embittered him and made him snap when he learnt that everything he did with sheer pure effort, through the spur of whims, that without strategy, they were all useless. All it did was serve to make his enemies stronger, and Jin was distraught over such a thing. Becoming jaded, embittered and cynical over the years, with a suddenly open mind albeit a scornful one, but despite such transitions, he kept to his old dogmas as influences to a degree. It is hard to chisel out something he held for all his life.

    His experience with having to care for others that do not hold his view left a sour taste in his mouth, eventually molding him into a wizened person that can see wisdom everywhere. His experience makes up for his hot headedness, not exactly a prodigy, but quite well learnt in himself as he picked up a mindset that things are open to infer from, to read, to educate one's self about, even forbidden knowledge. A great open mind to partake in taboos as he swung from one extreme to the other with some reservations about and abound. He may have learnt from his mistakes, but the most distorting thing about Jin is that he has qualms about whether he should merely repeat what he did with a different mindset which is to say atrocious, or merely partake in a new way of thinking. In a way, Yin and Yang. Standing upon a precipice, a fence where he fancies the idea of staying in the middle.

    Appearance and behaviour: Jin maintains a mischievous demeanour and expression on his face, an otherwise clear show of things that Jin is not exactly someone honest, the sort of eyes he earns looking at a person in a threatening manner. His whole body language speaks of hidden threat, that no matter how hard he tries to hide, he gives off subtle hints of his stance, one readied for all manners of breaking the law. A life of banditry made him quite this stiff as he is now, uncompromising in form. That is when he feels that he cannot drop his guard.

    Otherwise, he can seem to have a lazy streak going on, going about openly as if ready to receive, even inclining for the "cowboy" walk where his hands are on his belt, or the "samurai rest" where his palm is on the pommmel, switching between the two interchangeably. To sum it up, in paranoid fueled situations, he is closed, and in pleasant ones, he is open. All subtly detectable in the body language.

    Interests and Hobbies: Jin's hobbies are quite schizophrenic as much as it is eccentric. He often takes pleasure in leisurely past times as a way to relax when the mood hits him upside the head. Going on about games that does not require physical exertion when it hits his fancy, till his blood starts rushing in some way or that he feels nostalgic does he indulge in some of his own hurried games of sorts which are to say... daredevil endeavors.

    He can find his other hobbies to be gaining knowledge, learning, and otherwise remedying his hot headedness he suffered in the past. Not having learnt anything, as well as practicing his swing, and improving his form. Given how he has slackened up in his experience, he feels he needs to get back what was best about him in the past, rid of the worst, and stick to being perfect in his opinion. But to say he is a brute would be unfair given he also has scholarly inclinations he has just begun to dabble into as of recently. All thanks to Kao's tutelage.

    Preferences: Reading, learning, drinking, lazing about, gold, money, dumplings, kin, lemons, limes, among many other things to be introduced later on.
    Dislikes: The undead, the abominable, Devil Fruit users,

    Goals: (Later on in RP, he will come to want to actually refurbish his destroyed house with money before his wife comes back from her long vacation with the kids. Which means his is a quest to get a LOT of Beri for a house he couldn't afford otherwise on a normal salary.)


    The half brother of a famed pirate, Yin, Jin has always been the idealistic of the pair. For a time he dwelled with Yin as a partner in crime, yet always overshadowed by his brother in piracy which he did not mind at all given his relative anonymity in the eyes of the government afforded him a degree of freedom. But he found himself wanting on a different aspect of life as he always envisioned himself fighting against the government as a revolutionary force, freeing an island at a time and sending freedom everywhere from their wicked Absolute Justice and whichever power the World Government held. For despite a short career in sailing going about with his brother, Jin stayed all about till Yin got married and when they had a child. Attending the birth of his half-nephew before leaving them both behind, confident Yin's brother was taken care of quite well, Jin left them.

    It wasn't well known about his childhood much aside from Jin's own accounts of it being quite pleasant, but mundane and dull, and his teenage years just as much. Only to go back to the island where he was born into with the vision of freeing it from the Nobility there as a revolutionary, yet unfortunately partaken in banditry as he was fighting for the sake of fighting, losing what original purpose he went for as a revolutionary, and labelled nothing more than a bandit among some posse of likeminded idealists.

    For years have they raided the lands till the Marines came into Si island and stamped out banditry en masse. Suddenly trade thrived, armed escorts were common place, and bravery was no match for firearms. Something they lacked in Si island. Staying with a low profile, Jin wasn't satisfied with the direction the bandit group were going at. And more importantly, he longed to be with a woman that desired him than one for sale and as open as any man. Like wealth, they should not be a commodity but an exclusive luxury or so Jin wanted it. A sign of his lack of conviction found waning as he no longer quested for the betterment of the people.

    Partaking in a journey to discover himself. Jin eventually came across a nobleman he befriended after slaying someone that looked at him funny, which turned out to be another bandit oppressing Ling Kao. In gratitude, Kao took Jin in with hospitality into his house, introduced Jin to his wife, and treated him generously to a lavish dinner. Jin was given a night's stay at the mansion, and enjoyed luxuries he never got as a bandit. Eventually Kao learnt Jin was a bandit, but even then, offered to take Jin in as a right hand man, as he owes the uncultured bandit his life. Taking the time to teach Jin how to read and write, as well as do mathematics as he was the one that put a healthy interest in education into Chan. Offering Jin employment with him.

    Jin declined at first, he found banditry much to his fancy (he didn't tell Kao that), only to find out the Marines deployed into Si island eradicated his bandit gang as there was an announcement going about of the successful clearings, including one area that was where Jin's gang operated at. Suddenly stranded with no reliable way to make income, given a lack of numbers makes banditry an almost impossible business, Jin took up the offer up later on and became a bodyguard to Kao. Accompanying him on travels around the sea despite Jin's discomfort with not being rooted to the land (Jin eventually overcame this discomfort), the two had quite a time as a merchant outfit going about the place.

    One day, Kao had to leave Jin behind given he was summoned by the Siwanglong island's royal courts to address a few issues, and given Jin's commoner origins, he wasn't allowed into the forbidden palace. It was during that time Jin and Kao's wife made love as she grew hot in her womb with Jin's baby. It was a night of passion and without thinking, Kao's wife felt like it was so right to be with Jin since her husband can be boring and mundane. The two started having an affair after that night whenever chances permit, and were growing bolder by every moment where their relationship was expressed at every opportunities.

    When Kao's wife gave birth, Kao had thought that child his own and groomed it so, Kao's wife, Meiling, was quiet about the whole affair and went with the masquerade and so did Jin, for being discovered would effectively mean the end of their friendship and a feeling of betrayal swelling within Kao. It would also mean that Jin would be fired out of his job.

    With the deception going on for so long, Jin broke it off with Meiling and the two kept a platonic relationship from now on then, as Jin went on with his own life. Getting involved less and less in bodyguarding Kao, and more with finding his own independence. Eventually finding a wife, marrying her, getting his own home at Konomi Island, and as time went, he resigned from his job. Getting a house as a final gesture of goodwill from Kao as given his salary, he couldn't afford one. Not a large estate like the one he got. It was ideal for raising kids, and it has come to be that for some good years too, getting a stable job of being gravekeeper, which is as simple as keeping delinquents and troublemakers out. Kao had a few connections pulled for Jin to enjoy living on Konomi island after some dutiful service, quite far away from Siwanglong Island, and had him taken there by commercial transport.

    Over the time and occasionally, Jin has come to be writing to his brother for a while now, only for it to stop one day which was quite mysterious, but he had no resources to pursue this mysterious disappearance. He figured his pirate brother would have probably have been keeping a low profile. It is quite tedious as it is being related to him, and having to live on an alias, even shaving off his thick and long beard to make sure not to be caught by the Marines. His face in itself vague, and he is only known by an alias. Aye, perhaps this could be the peaceful life he never wanted that has been forced unto him? He contemplated his past life as a bandit, and how much things have changed as he continued to grow his kids up.

    In a way, Kao felt he repaid his debt to Jin as he gave Jin a live whereas Jin saved his life.

    Character Image

    Avatar origin: N/A.

    Writing Sample

    Prologue before RP starts:

    Everything was fine in Konomi island, his Gravekeeper job was fine, his wife was fine (in many ways might he add), AND he has alone time without the kids as he spent his vacation budget to have his immediate family leave for now. The Gravekeeper job is often a cozy one, with the most trouble he can expect is from a bunch of little delinquent brats he can easily ward off with his mighty Wodao, and otherwise a little lazy maintenance here and there, and proper funerary rites and rituals done, and he can get back to reading. It's not like corpses can get up back from life out of nowhere and create havoc in the living.

    Those wishful thoughts out of the way, Jin continued to read some latest newspapers about some hotshot Marine raids and an increase in piracy as well as World Government recruitment, the typical political stuff the top cheese often elaborate over. The same stuff he fought years ago, that now he seems... indifferent about it. Startling. Maybe having marriage does this? Settle a man down and calm his blood? Whatever complacency he resulted would soon die as the moon sank, and a single shadow overlooked the cemetery from above the hill with a menacing grin reflecting in a shine from the moon light.

    Looking outside his window, from the comfy confines of his grave keeper office, Jin happily concluded another day at the cemetery, closing the newspaper as he flung it aside. Picking up his Wodao and sheathing it, he left the office to take a stroll to town. It was just about some good walking away, which is to say it'd take a long time. He had to look up the cemetery, make a quick patrol around and...

    "What in the name of Purgatory is going on here?!!?" Jin gasped, before him stood a legion of hopping corpses he washed just today.

    Mrs. Wong and Mr. Wong were particularly dripping with saliva from their mouths, Jin's breath was giving him away as he watched these myths... these superstitions come to life! They were Jiang Shi, and suddenly Jin's blood flowed madly, as he didn't know this blood lust for a long time.

    Hark, for battle is coming, and once again, so is nostalgia. Jin unsheathed his sword, gave a loud roar that his ancestors would be proud of, and charged into the Jiang Shi line like a furious hurricane, cleaving through them, for whatever rust he had, he made for a fine swordsman against the living dead.

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    Re: Chan, Jin

    Post by Chan Jin on Tue Jun 05, 2012 5:07 am

    Status Sheet I


    Strenght (1) - 100 - Level 1
    Stamina (1) - 100 - Level 1
    Speed (1) - 800 - Level 2
    Dexterity (2) - 100 - Level 1
    Reaction (4) - 2000 - Level 3
    Concentration (3) - 100 - Level 1


    Hand-to-Hand (3) - 0 - Level 0
    Daggers (1) - 0 - Level 0
    Swords(1) - 0 - Level 0
    Axes (1) - 0 - Level 0
    Katana (4) - 1731 - Level 2
    Chains & Strings (1) - 0 - Level 0
    Blunt weapons (1) - 0 - Level 0
    Poles (1) - 0 - Level 0
    Twohanders (1) - 0 - Level 0
    Bows (1) - 0 - Level 0
    Firearms (3) - 0 - Level 0
    Unconventional arms (1) - 0 - Level 0
    Devil Fruit (1) - 0 - Level 0


    Style Name: Shuǐ de Xíngshì

    Weapons: Katana.
    Description: The style evokes the user in the principle of water, without form and with form at the same time, to flow around all obstacles, smooth enough not to cause calamity, yet thorough enough to destroy rock, or so the saying goes about water in general. This style is unique to Jin as he composes himself like a water flow, easily adapting, easily attacking, and being thorough about it as nothing truly obstructs him, it is but an obstacle encountered to merely just go around instead or so it goes. His attacks are precise, given his average strength, he has come to rely not to contest swordsmanship in a test of strength, but merely in a test of finesse with this style. Though as time goes in development, Jin may become more and more proficient with the style, and may even evoke perhaps the tidal wave, a famed technique that comes from Shui de Xingshi, but otherwise, Jin still has a long way to go with swordsmanship.

    ------------ Techniques ------------

    Technique Name: -

    Devil Fruit

    Fruit Name: -

    Type: -
    Description: -

    ------------ D-Techniques ------------

    Technique Name: X

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    Re: Chan, Jin

    Post by Chan Jin on Tue Jun 05, 2012 5:31 am

    Status Sheet II

    Job Expertise

    Navigator - 0 - Level 0
    Doctor - 0 - Level 0
    Cook - 0 - Level 0
    Smith - 0 - Level 0
    Carpenter - 0 - Level 0
    Musician - 0 - Level 0

    Scholar (M)

    ------------ Job Skills ------------

    --- Basic Skills ---

    Reading & Writing

    Job: Scholar - 0
    Bonus: 0
    Cost: 0

    Description: The ability to read and write texts. Usually thaught in school and considered part of one's living standart. As the World Gouvernment established uniform language, everyone can read and understand everyone's writing.

    Basic Math

    Job: Scholar - 0
    Bonus: 0
    Cost: 0

    Description: Elementary school grade math: Addition, subtraction, multiplying and division. Being able to perform these operations is basis for almost everything else.

    Social Sciences:


    Shortened steel Wodao sword (Katana)
    Sheathe for Wodao (tough leather)
    Sake bottle (with sake in it)

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    Re: Chan, Jin

    Post by Fuura on Wed Jun 06, 2012 11:34 am

    Seems to be a new trend. There don't need to be periods after every piece of personal information. You don't put a period after every bit of info you enter in any kind of sheet or forms, either. Periods signalize the end of a sentence - a single term is not a sentence. :>

    There's also a small paragraph about clothing in the appearance. Appearance is basically the guy or girl in looks and stature, not counting clothing etc. Remember for future reference to keep that distinguished more clearly.

    "Not that he can't go without hats, he merely prefers to." Shouldn't that be more like "prefers not to", otherwise the context would be "merely prefers to go without hats"? Just grammatically wondering.

    Also has a nephew called "Hei" <- If that was supposed to be some kind of connection, you know you should probably update that name.

    Personality seems a little bit spongy with all the long-winded explanations which have only partially or indirectly to do with actual current personality. Most of that could probably be explained in History. If that becomes a thing that happens, try to step it down a notch in future gigs. It's just so acceptable, so i don't see a forced need to change it, though.

    Other then the lack of image -at least put your avatar one in there, so you have something- it seems fine, writing-wise.

    Sheet I
    Get your style approved and eventually update it accordingly in here.

    Also, a minor formal mistake in Sheet II.
    If you want to put the category for social sciences already (you are not limited to learning one branch - remember), remove the red underlined social science bit and put
    [spoiler=Social Sciences][/spoiler]
    for your spoiler tag. (Putting "=XYZ" after the initial tag name titles the spoiler neatly.)
    Chan Jin
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    Re: Chan, Jin

    Post by Chan Jin on Thu Jun 07, 2012 9:07 pm

    Fixed some of the aspects as far as my perception takes me, I request another evaluation and I hope this change should be satisfactory. Otherwise I will fix whatever comes up next I may have missed out on.

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    Re: Chan, Jin

    Post by Fuura on Fri Jun 08, 2012 2:58 am

    Edit Ninja struck and ironed out a minor formal issue.

    Also, image does not go in a spoiler. Which was fixed for convenience too.

    Rest seems fine - since there was not much to originally edit anyway. Now we need to wait for you to get your style approved. In the Creation Forum. The earlier you head over, the faster you're done. :>
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    Re: Chan, Jin

    Post by Izzy on Sat Jun 16, 2012 6:46 pm

    Better be some good sake he's got there. Approved.

    Just remember to re-post your stuff in your crew's thread area.

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    Re: Chan, Jin

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