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It's that time of the year!

Mon Dec 24, 2012 11:55 am by Fuura

Yes it is.

For some it's snowy goodness, for some it's sunny festivities.
Christmas is happening just now and i sincerely hope, no expect, everyone to have a smahing time with family, relatives and …

Grand Opening on the Horizon

Thu May 24, 2012 7:32 am by Fuura

I know there have been a couple people already, who have been watching and have gotten very excited, and today, i am excited to say this:

Everything of importance is done and registrations are open. …

All done with rulemaking

Sat Mar 17, 2012 11:29 pm by Fuura

Yes, all done. With the main rules, as in the rulebook, application rules and creations rules.
The inventory and some minor topics stil need some work. But the main rule construct is all ready.

Rest …

    Aza Kyoko


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    Aza Kyoko

    Post by Kyoko on Sat Jul 28, 2012 9:04 pm

    Character Sheet

    Personal Information

    First Name: Kyoko
    Last Name: Aza
    Nickname: -
    Birth date: 9th of September
    Age: in the ballpark of 40-ish
    Weight: 92 kilograms
    Height: 200cm

    Eye colour: green-grey
    Hair colour: black

    Appearance: The best way to describe this woman in one quick sentence would be: a slightly aged, female adonis – well trained and still perfectly vigorous.
    Somewhat shaggy, short hair -that's not actually all that short, a fair amount of hair is kept long in a queue- helps keep away the distinctive aged look people develop when they grow older. All that really hints at her not-so-teen maturity are thin lines, representing the beginning of wrinkles on her face, mostly around the eyes and along the "mouth corners & nose triangle". Bot other then that, if she tried to, Kyoko could pass off as far younger then her actual age. Clear and bright greygreen irises, clean skin and blinding white, splendid teeth don't seem to have aged much past how they were more then a few years ago.
    This seems to be a trend that continues from the neck on downwards. Slim and well-toned, just like an upstart athelete at the top of their career. Which doesn't automatically translate to mountains of muscle piled onto a womanly frame – as she herself finds literal she-hulks rather unappealing. What she got, though, is still very much noteable, as it's just enough muscle mass to accentuate her female curves while still indicating physical fitness.
    Said frame consists of the commonly found important parts, mostly. Long legs, firm thighs that flow up into wide hips and slim waist – just like what's subconsiously preferred good when guys choose their wives. Decently broad shoulders, back and ribcage carry the propably most promiment feature – also something many adherers of the male gender tend to enjoy a lot – a more then large bust, probably one of the most womanly things a person can sport. Being rather fond of her own features, Kyoko always kept an eye on never overdoing it with her trainings, so not all fat would be decomposed and replaced with muscle.

    Special features: Obviously for one thing, the rack. Maybe almost unrivaled, there's no way around it other then admitting it's existence. She herself furthers this along by wearing it proudly.
    The second thing would be the general stature, while not abnormally tall, this woman's height is already outside of the norm and will stand out in crowds and comparison to many other people, naturally only as long as there are no giant-folk around.
    Since it's not like she could change either thing to something else, she's long since decided to make the best of it.

    Clothing: Choice of clothing is easy for this particular woman. She's far from fashionable. Most her cloth-possessions are of practical use, generally training-wear. Since as per family tradition, she's in the lead of a little style school and as such, busy with exercising herself or students. Thus, almost exclusively garbed in muscle bandages and various kinds of martial arts uniforming. Sometimes hakama and a bustier or simply chest bandages, on other days the sets includes some form of haori or form-fitting leotard-like wear.
    Forearms, lower legs, hands and feet are generally always bandaged though – not only to prevent overstraining muscles – especially the feet-bandaging also serves as footwear when sandals don't. Which they -sandals- do mostly for longer trips outside of the training halls.
    On occasion, there are also headwraps. Mixture from keeping hair in check during excercise and the headbeand worn by certain types of fighter traditions it's become a tradition of it's own for the Aza family, with it's kind of own unique style.

    Origin and family

    Origin: Karate Island

    Ai Aza – Daughter (16)
    Haruka Aza – Daughter (12)
    Yuina Aza – Daughter (19)
    Noriko Aza – Daughter (22); twin to Yoko
    Yoko Aza – Daughter (22); twin to Noriko
    Hibiki Aza – Son (20)
    Taiki Aza – Son (14)
    (Various fathers)


    Personality: Simply put: a can-do, shoot-from-the-hip, silver-tongued self-starter. Always has the first word and the last one too. Very self-confident in all of her abilities, Kyoko's never the one to back out of anything, but the first one to get into said anything. Be it bets, challenges, arguments, promises or other things.
    Always rather positive -albeit sometimes a bit grumpy- about anything, the woman certainly has no problems in making contact with people or getting things started. In her mindset, there is only "do" and not much else. In case "do" isn't an option, she's of the opinion that one should try to make it an option. Be it by training themselves, learning things, aquiring items or knowledge so you can "do". Doesn't work always, obviously, but Kyoko also isn't exactly the type to suffer a setback and give up. The saying goes "where there's a will, there's a way." typically. By her will, the way may or may not lead trough the wall or over the chasm or past any other obstacle. This leads her to be one reliable tower of strength in many a situation.

    Despite this kind of madcap personality, the current mistress of the school is also known to be a cool customer in many regards. Patient and fair about most things, she's well liked and on good terms with almost all pupils – if only for being far less cranky and stuck up as most mature teachers. Still, she's dilligent about exercise assignments and such. Yet it is a policy of hers, to only demand people to do things that she could do too. Never ask the impossible.

    Appearance and behaviour: Just like her personality, is her appearance in public. Kind of loud, pushy and obnoxious. But in a friendly and positive matter – unless people are desperately trying to be bitter, they will propably receive Kyoko as a young at heart person who can be a tad bit annoying, but always with almost feel-able good intent. Openminded to everything and everyone, this woman has her own way of cutting almost any topic with people, usually gaining their sympathy sooner or later.

    But if you really try to avoid friendly contact and sympathic behaviour, she can and likely will do too. And if she does, you can clearly tell that she does. Once at this point, she doesn't make a whole lot of secrets about not liking someone. Pointy remarks and rough responses mark common behaviour to that group of people.

    Interests and Hobbies: In simple family tradition, all of Kyoko's interest focus lies on the martial arts school led by the family for generations. After recent passing away of her own teacher and father -in the same person- she's now in charge herself and totally devoted to it. Being in training of the house-exclusive style since as long as she can think back, her mastery is unrivaled, except for her late father naturally. Also, her interest in it encompasses passing the art and skill on to willing pupils.

    While the school takes up almost all of her time, Kyoko still has a heart for what's left of her family, namely them kids. Hoping they will sooner or later assist the tradition as instructors and maybe someday as master, she's always open for all of her children and their concerns, trying to raise them into reasonably good people.
    As a mother of such, she's reasonable skilled and interested in cooking and basic medical treatment, too. The former being almost required if you have kids, the latter being at least useful, and also required for a martial artist. If you know how to hurt people, you better also know how to un-hurt them, if something goes amiss in practice – or as an act of respect and mercy towards defeated opponents.

    Preferences: Order, discipline, fruit juice, pipe smoking, well-spiced meals
    Dislikes: rain, sand, rice, domestic abuse, premature decisions and judging

    Goals: As per recent events, Kyoko has a strong interest in going after the two kids that nothing was heard of for a while now, after they had taken off on a trip to the north blue, expecting to make it big with sister-halls to the family school.
    Though she doesn't exactly remember which island they went to, so she's determind to turn the whole blue upside down if she has to – marine laws this or that, regardless.


    Life started rather uneventful on Karate Island. First and somehow only child to the Aza family, it was decided from the very beginning how Kyoko's life would be going – there was a tradition to keep up after all. After the classic first years until a somewhat susceptible age for schooling, most of the important things in life she learned from her parents via home education. The basics to read, write and do necessary calculations, much else wasn't specifically needed, with life on this island being rather simple and peaceful for it's inhabitants. So for most families and villages, a public schooling system was unnecessary.
    Thus rather then learning history, geography and other fancy things, the young girl learned from her mother about how to run a household, prepare meals, do the laundry and all these common household things.
    As such, her life continued for a while, until her very early teenage years to be precise, as an aide in and around the house and martial arts school. At that certain, receptive age however, it was decided Kyoko was old enough to start being trained in family tradition fighting style too. After all she would have to be master of the art in later years and lead the training of new students. From then on, household workload was lessened in her favour, in turn she had to spend most free time with physical and mental training sessions towards mastery of the family school.

    Eventually, the years passed by and so did the older family members, putting Kyoko in charge kind of earlier then expected and planned, but it couldn't be helped. Juggling child raising and education –as she happened to have picked up various relationships with students, visitors and locals alike- for a good while, the family art lost some of it's touch and busyness. One master by herself wasn't quite enough to provide training lessions constantly so everything slowed down considerably. But after low comes high inadvertently and with some time given, more pupils became interested again, even a few foreigners who journeyed to the island just to subscribe themselves to the lessons. Rumors say, that a good portion of the local male students mostly came for the view though. Understandable as it is, this wasn't ever debunked or proven though.

    Time can fix most things, like the training school problem. Under Kyoko's flag, her first two daughters Yoko and Noriko grew up to be fine females and students of the tradition, so when they came to age appropriately, they were introduced as trainers, too. Which helped not only compensate for the surges of new students pouring in almost constantly, but also left their mother a fair amount of time to give proper care and education to their younger family members. This joyous state only lasted for roughly four years though. While more of their siblings came to reasonable age to help with family business, the oldest ones, namely the two original twins soon grew sort of restless and at some point came to the conclusion that it might be a good idea to expand the business by starting a second training site, closer to the main origin of foreign student requests: an island in the North Blue.

    So now they had, after long debates of back and forth between them and their master and mother left to find their own fortune while keeping family traditions. Worries as a good parent should be, Kyoko is worried now though, as she did not hear a word about if they arrived at their destination, managed to start a business or anything.

    Character Image

    Avatar origin: Bleach / Kuukaku Shiba

    Writing Sample

    Another rainy day. Which wasn't exactly bad. Kyoko enjoyed this every once in a while. Although rainy days were terrible to do stuff, they set a perfect backdrop for evening self-training and focus-meditations to get off the sometimes stressful days of teaching martial arts to many age groups. Today was such a day. The youngsters were as receptive as sponges and sucked up her every word, trying the hardest to follow instructions on their training closely. While the teenage boys were mostly looking to try if they could beat some of their fellow comrades up – or anyone in general, just to prove their strength. While their female classmates usually were rather shy and reserved about actually applying the learned methods and techniques to people.
    And then there were the young adults, that trained mostly on their own – under the watchful eye of the school's mistress though – preparing for and taking tests of their skill every now and then.
    While this was definately her thing to enjoy, it was also somewhat straining on the body and mind, to handle that many different responsiblities and personalities all day long, besides taking care of your own family. So Kyoko definately looked forward to the few hours between her regular bedtime and the time all the pupils left, her own kids went to bed and everything calming down. Without these moments of solitary every other evening or so, she would propably go mental sooner or later – even the most hardheaded and collected masters had to cool off every now and then.

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    Re: Aza Kyoko

    Post by Kyoko on Sat Jul 28, 2012 9:04 pm

    Status Sheet I


    Strength (4) - 2000 - Level 3
    Stamina (2) - 500 - Level 1
    Speed (2) - 500 - Level 1
    Dexterity (1) - 100 - Level 1
    Reaction (1) - 100 - Level 1
    Concentration (1) - 100 - Level 1


    Hand-to-Hand (4) - 800 - Level 2
    Daggers (1) - 0 - Level 0
    Swords(1) - 0 - Level 0
    Axes (1) - 0 - Level 0
    Katana (1) - 0 - Level 0
    Chains & Strings (1) - 0 - Level 0
    Blunt weapons (2) - 0 - Level 0
    Poles (4) - 0 - Level 0
    Twohanders (1) - 0 - Level 0
    Bows (1) - 0 - Level 0
    Firearms (1) - 0 - Level 0
    Unconventional arms (1) - 0 - Level 0
    Devil Fruit (1) - 0 - Level 0

    Horizon Art

    Weapons: Hand-to-Hand

    Description: Horizon arts are generally a collection of techniques based mostly on single, straight attacks with great power or impact to take out enemies in few powerful shots rather then competing for extended time periods. Most of the techniques require some physical prowess in order to hurt the victim more then the attacker, as forces can work in both directions – and of those forces, there are a lot in this style.
    Almost exclusively teached by the Aza school on Karate Island.

    ------------ Techniques ------------


    Prerequisites: Strength 3, Hand-to-Hand 2
    Weapon types: Hand-to-Hand
    Cost: 350 EXP

    Description: A seemingly simple downwards leg strike, also known as dropkick, that employs the user's strength alongside his weight and falling or jumping velocity to deliver a fatal strike that crushes victims under the literal spearhead of the attack, the user's heel and leg by imparting strong vertical forces.


    Prerequisites: Strength 2, Hand-to-Hand 2
    Weapon types: Hand-to-Hand
    Cost: 200 EXP

    Description: Basically a standart move of the style, it's a special kind of karate chop. Relying on the user's brute strength and maul-effect of his arm used as a lever, it serves to either deliver hard, close-range blows to enemies, break their defensive measures, like weapon hilts, shields or similiar (if made of breakable material), or tear other obstacles asunder.

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    Re: Aza Kyoko

    Post by Kyoko on Sat Jul 28, 2012 9:05 pm

    Status Sheet II

    Job Expertise

    Navigator - 0 - Level 0
    Doctor - 1 - Level 1 (M)
    Cook - 2 - Level 1
    Smith - 0 - Level 0
    Carpenter - 0 - Level 0
    Musician - 0 - Level 0


    ------------ Job Skills ------------

    --- Basic Skills ---

    Reading & Writing

    Job: Scholar - 0
    Bonus: 0
    Cost: 0

    Description: The ability to read and write texts. Usually thaught in school and considered part of one's living standart. As the World Gouvernment established uniform language, everyone can read and understand everyone's writing.

    Basic Math

    Job: Scholar - 0
    Bonus: 0
    Cost: 0

    Description: Elementary school grade math: Addition, subtraction, multiplying and division. Being able to perform these operations is basis for almost everything else.

    Treat wounds

    Job: Doctor - 0
    Bonus: 1
    Cost: 50

    Description: The knowledge and capability to treat more casual and common wounds by applying bandages or stitching up wounds. Every Doc should be able to handle those, to be of any use.


    Job: Cook - 0
    Bonus: 1 / 2
    Cost: 50 / 100

    Description: Cooking meals defines any cook. But not everyone can be a master of the kitchen from the getgo. That requires years of dedicated training and learning about the right ingredients and how to use them, as well as different techniques to cook raw ingredients.
    THe more trained a cook, the better his food. A beginner might just match Mom's homemeade, while a true expert probably deserves a full five stars for his creations.

    - nothing -

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    Re: Aza Kyoko

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