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It's that time of the year!

Mon Dec 24, 2012 11:55 am by Fuura

Yes it is.

For some it's snowy goodness, for some it's sunny festivities.
Christmas is happening just now and i sincerely hope, no expect, everyone to have a smahing time with family, relatives and …

Grand Opening on the Horizon

Thu May 24, 2012 7:32 am by Fuura

I know there have been a couple people already, who have been watching and have gotten very excited, and today, i am excited to say this:

Everything of importance is done and registrations are open. …

All done with rulemaking

Sat Mar 17, 2012 11:29 pm by Fuura

Yes, all done. With the main rules, as in the rulebook, application rules and creations rules.
The inventory and some minor topics stil need some work. But the main rule construct is all ready.

Rest …



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    Post by Pepperbeard on Tue Sep 11, 2012 11:27 pm

    Character Sheet

    Personal Information

    First Name: Johannissimo
    Last Name: Ventura-Alphonso-Ricardo-Mattias-Bronchitis-Carver-Dinero-Edmunton-Francis-Gregory-Harold-Ignacius-Fortytwo-Flippitybob-Chickenhalter.
    Nickname: "Pepperbeard"
    Birth date: 19/3
    Age: 81
    Weight: 114 lb
    Height: 5'7" w/o hat, 6'8" w/ hat.

    Eye colour: Gunmetal Grey
    Hair colour: White

    Appearance: Standing at a meager five feet and seven inches, Pepperbeard is not very tall, but he makes up for this by wearing a thirteen inch chef's hat and often a matching apron. He is somewhat hunch-backed as well, often slumped forward, thin arms held in front of him. Capping his right hand is a steel spatula, built into his hand, which he lost to a stray cannonball. His other hand is often used for everything else he does, besides flipping things like burgers or flapjacks. It is calloused and wrinkled from years of hard labor over a hot oven. His most distinguished feature, however, is his BEARD. His beard is around four feet long, having had MANY years to grow, since he has been growing a beard since he first ate the Devilfruit, when he was but eleven. Growing at random spots on his beard, however, are the peculiar things; peppers. A Scoville scale of them, and then some! From bell peppers to jalapeños, he has peppers ready for the plucking on his beard. ALWAYS. He also, though less prominently, has wild hair which grows long and often maintains a natural forward lean of sorts. Also of note, he has VERY BUSHY EYEBROWS. They look like silver caterpillars. Under these eyebrows, he has dull eyes of greyest grey, which stare into your soul with an unforgettable grumpy glare. Under these eyes, yet, is a bright red nose, quite large, and lumpy, floating JUST above a thick moustache of niveous white. Beneath this 'stache of 'staches would be a thin mouth, containing nearly rotted teeth, and almost always contorted into a grimace or downright frown. From this mouth often comes barely intelligible grunts and mutterings, which, in example, are reminescent of what you'd get by crossing Grandpa Simpson of "The Simpsons" with Boomhauer of "King of the Hill".

    Special features: Of note? He has a spatula for a right hand, a four foot long beard, and his beard is filled with peppers. He is also hunchbacked.

    Clothing: Pepperbeard often wears simple rags, often consisting of baggy trousers supported on his frame by a length of rope, and a cotton shirt, both stitched by his dear mother's own hands many years ago. He also tends to wear an apron, usually stained with everything from apple butter to zucchini sauce and all the grease, ketchup, and clam chowder in between. Atop his head is a large, 13 inch tall, chef's hat, denoting that he IS the chef. THE chef. PEPPERBEARD, MOST FEARED but beloved CHEF IN ALL THE BLUES! Also, footwear-wise, he tends to wear fuzzy blue slippers. FEARSOME FUZZY BLUE SLIPPERS!

    Origin and family

    Origin: Cherryblossom Island, East Blue

    Family: MOTHER (109); Sherry Ventura-Alphonso-Ricardo-Mattias-Bronchitis-Carver-Dinero-Edmunton-Francis-Gregory-Harold-Ignacius-Fortytwo-Flippitybob
    FATHER (Deceased); Jonathon Chickenhalter
    GRANDMOTHER (Deceased); Yvonna Ventura-Alphonso-Ricardo-Mattias-Bronchitis-Carver-Dinero-Edmunton-Francis-Gregory-Harold-Ignacius-Fortytwo
    GRANDFATHER (Deceased); James Flippitybob
    BROTHER (78, and MUCH HATED.); Tristantino Ventura-Alphonso-Ricardo-Mattias-Bronchitis-Carver-Dinero-Edmunton-Francis-Gregory-Harold-Ignacius-Fortytwo-Flippitybob-Chickenhalter.


    Personality: Although many years ago, one could have called Pepperbeard a friendly, outgoing, caring, loveable guy, age has caught up with him, in the form of old man grouchiness. Complaining about everything, he wiles away his time by muttering to himself a list of reasons why today's generations aren't what they should be, and how when HE was fourteen, he was at least sixteen years old, and that the sky is too blue, or not blue enough. Pessimism and negativity weight strongly on his personality, as does a heavy dose of sarcasm. Despite his generally disagreeable mood, though, he does hold some semblance of comraderie with his crewmates, and no matter how much he seems ready to punch them in the face, he would be the first to beat the crap out of any threat to the crew, simply because he doubts the whippersnappers have any idea how to fend for themselves, and he wants to keep them safe. Of course, he'd never admit this in public, though, merely putting off such actions, when they occur, as "Well, if I didn't do anything, wouldn't none o' you idjits gonna do it.", or "I was only makin' sure I won't leavin' my life in none o' yer hands, one o' you'da been clumsy and let me get killed!"

    Of course, while building a ship in a bottle, a common hobby of his, he will be much more amiable, merely because he is most happy when doing this. Unless he messes up. In which case, you will get more words hurled at you then the weight of a cannonball. But if he DOESN'T mess up and blame you, you can actually have a decent conversation with him, free of any complaints and anger, so long as he is happy with his work, and he will actually respond with a bit more good cheer and friendliness, as if bottle-ship-building were a time machine back to a simpler time before he'd grown to be s stingy.

    Appearance and behaviour: In public, Pepperbeard is known for his nasty demeanor, one which intimidates some and otherwise tells the world that he doesn't care who you are, to just try and test him, only to face a hot chile up your nose. He tends to carry himself bitterly, walking slowly, but sharply, as if his every step was forced, not natural. Possibly due to his hunched back and old joints, but also attributable to his not wanting to move faster for anyone but himself. When not standing or walking, he is probably sitting, usually in a rocking chair of sort, but if not, he'll be more irritable. In sitting, he maintains bad posture, often slumping forward, elbows on the table, if there is a table. Manners are to be exhibited by the youth, not by the elders, and are then returned to the youth BY the elder; he refused to be the shining example, rather, he liked being the "You get what you give" role model.

    Interests and Hobbies: Cooking, most definitely, is a hobby of Pepperbeard's, as is constructing ships in bottles, and drinking booze. If it counts, another hobby is smacking people with his cane. He enjoys ship-in-a-bottle crafting namely because it ccupies his time, and it gives him a sense of satisfaction when he finishes a project. Booze, on the other hand, tends to calm his nerves and help him try and forget how sucky everything is in the world.

    Preferences: Cooking, Peppers, Salt, Ships, Bottles, Ship-In-A-Bottle Crafting, His Cane, Booze, Sitting In The Kitchen, Sitting In His Cabin, Sitting, Fish.
    Dislikes: Water, People, Blue Skies, Grey Skies, Sunshine, Rain, Sleet, Hail, Green Grass, Dirt, Loud Noises, Silence, Heat, Cold, Mild Temperatures, Being Wet, Being Too Dry, Being Hungry, Feeling Too Full, Being Drunk, Being Sober, Being Patient, Impatience of Today's Youth, Today's Youth, Youth of Any Generation, Today, Disliking Things, Admitting to Liking Things, Peppers, Fish.

    Goals: Pepperbeard mainly wants to cook food... Nothing more, nothing less; at 81, I'd say he's attained this goal now, and wishes now to live until he dies. He's a simple man with simple goals.


    Born on Cherryblossom Island, of the Eastern Blue, a long time ago, to his mother, Sherry Ventura-Alphonso-Ricardo-Mattias-Bronchitis-Carver-Dinero-Edmunton-Francis-Gregory-Harold-Ignacius-Fortytwo-Flippitybob and his father, Jonathon Chickenhalter, a boy was called Johannissimo Ventura-Alphonso-Dicardo-Mattias-Bronchiis-Carver-Dinero-Edmunton-Francis-Gregory-Harold-Ignacious-Fortytwo-Flippitybob-Chickenhalter. As you can see, his family had a funny way with names. Anywho, young Johannissimo was an adventurer from birth, as well as having natural cooking prowess. So one day, when he was eleven years of age, and was picking out apples from a bazaar area for his mother's homemade pies, he was struck in the head by a falling object, and to this day questions whether it fell from the broken ship's mast, from Heaven, or from some crazy person's hands. But it was a massive pepper. One he didn't recognize to be exact. So, he moved away, to a place where he was alone. Glancing to the sides of him, he stared down at the pepper again. And, a bit hungry, he took a huge bite of it...


    When he woke up, he'd had the vaguest flavor in his mouth, one of charcoal and moldy wood, and recalled only that after biting that God-awful pepper, and tasting it, he'd passed out, most likely because the taste was THAT terrible. The pepper was still beside him actually... He hadn't been quite sure if he'd just swallowed a few lumps of charcoal and a wad of moldy wood, so he picked it up, examined it and chomped into it. And- Well, let's just say he spent the next few minutes yelling words eleven year old boys shouldn't know, and going so far as to lick the rotting wood he stood on, hoping to rid his mouth of the taste. He then picked up the pepper and hurled it to the sea, never to be seen again past the darkened depths. And, having accomplished getting the apples earlier, he picked up the bag and headed home to his mother. And that was when weird stuff started happening... Namely, he noticed someone whom he couldn't see was throwing various peppers at his head, probably mocking him for his consumption of the fruit. Turning to yell at them, he noticed a pepper fall out of his bangs, and looked at it in confusion. He'd seen no attack this time... Reaching up to his hair, he plucked from it a sweet beel pepper, but upon placing his hand in the same place, he was confused when he found a chile verde. Dashing home, he gave his mother to apples and poured his little heart out to her about how he'd eaten a terrible pepper and now he was growing peppers from his hair. She tsk'ed at him, and scolded him about eating odd food, then went on to explain that by eating the pepper, he'd been cursed, and that it was his own fault.

    People did find it weird that he grew peppers from his hair, at first, but soon he got people to warm up to him as he began to help out in apopular restaurant. You see, it was a lot cheaper for the chef to pay the boy for countless peppers of all varieties, AND for him to chop the peppers, than for the chef to buy peppers, check their quality, and then chop them himself. Pretty soon, people started asking the chef, as people do, where he bought his peppers, and he proudly showed them Johannissimo, who was happy to have the limelight.

    And then, one day, not long before his nineteenth birthday, the chef came to him, grinning as wide as could be, talking of fame and fortune in the world of piracy; a ship had docked near the restaurant, and they were in need of a chef and his assistant. So of course, the chef, whose name was Raul, agreed to do this job, and Johannissimo left home for the first time ever, waving good-bye to his mother and father. Soon after waving bye to them, though, he fell overboard, and learned a vital new lesson; he couldn't swim. In fact, he couldn't even move underwater, and he felt he was drowning until Raul dove into the salty seas to save the boy, as his parents shouted in fear for their son's life. To this day, he hasn't attempted to swim again, for fear of drowning.

    Over the next thirty-seven years, he was aboard that ship, getting into all sorts of adventure and trouble. At one point, he'd come onto the deck when he heard commotion, and his hand was blown off by a stray cannonball. So he returned downstairs and it was soon bandaged up. As he was a chef, though, he did request something be implemented to make his life easier; his hand was replaced by a spatula. Indeed, while a hook hand was intimidating, a spatula-hand was more useful, considering he often cooked for the crew a few dozen jalapeño flapjacks in the mornings. It is also of note that during this time frame, he had grown a beard, which also sprouted peppers, as well as a variety of spices and herbs that he had started to notice cropping up on his face, like oregano. Now utilizing this beard for his trade, he became known as Pepperbeard, the most flavorful chef in all the blues!

    But, as time passed, he grew old. Raul had died many a long year ago, and much of the ship's original crew was getting too old for piracy. Himself, he was now going on seventy-four, and by seventy-eight, he and a few crewmates sailed the ship back home to Cherryblossom Island, where he was reunited with his mother after sixty-nine years. He stayed there for a while, glad to be home, but soon enough, not much after his eightieth birthday, news spread of treasures unimaginable in amount and value, and the age of the pirates began. Himself a hardy man with a knack for adventure, even for his age, it surprised nobody that he sought out a ship for whom to sail with... And here we are now...

    Character Image

    Avatar origin: Handrawn!~ 8D

    Writing Sample

    Hrmph. Wrinkled and calloused hands quickly hacked through a banana pepper, the yellow thing cutting splendidly with tiny splashes of its inner juices flinging up into the sunlight, where one could see the droplets suspended for a fleeting second. Quickly working, Pepperbeard made mincemeat of the pepper. Taking the meat strips off the oven, he added his blend of chopped peppers into the stir fry, which already contained a fair amount of peppers, which had, while being stir-fried, drained juices out into the meat. Now there were more peppers still for the flavor they held, his secret to flawless beef stir-fry. But just as he was about to mix everything once more, he heard a creaking floorboard behind him, one he often heard. Beady gray eyes turned quickly to face the intruder, as he snatched a red savina habanero from his beard. Giving a mighty battle cry, he sidestepped the intruder who'd probably wanted to know what was for lunch, shoving the hot pepper into their mouth simultaeneously. As they yelped out, mouth aflame, he grabbed the boy, about twenty-one, clean-shaved and baby-faced, by the chest and feet, and hurled him out the door, grumpily shaking his fist. "Boy, I swear't, 'f yah don't stay on outta here, y'ain't gettin' no nothin' tah eat! Dangnabit sassy-prassy younguns... When I was your age, I was a lot less of a pansy'n you, yah dang hippie! Even had a beard by th' age'o twenty-one..." Shaking his head, he returned to his stir fry.

    Dangflabbed kids these days! He was tempted to go into a rant of yammering away at the dude, but found it would be of no use to anyone, especially not his weary old lungs. So he merely returned to mixing the stir fry, and soon finished his dish. Hobbling over to the doorway of the kitchen, on his cane, he shouted loudly, somewhat rudely, "Cap'n, food's done! Git'cher crew'n the kitchen by the time I make it on in there, or I'll have yah starve!" With that threat in mind, he grabbed up the large pot of stir fry, under one arm, spatula holding it firmly in place, as he grasped his cae in the other, and hobbled to the mess hall, so the crew could eat.

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    Re: Pepperbeard

    Post by Pepperbeard on Tue Sep 11, 2012 11:30 pm

    Status Sheet I


    Strength (2) - 200- Level 1
    Stamina (1) - 75- Level 1
    Speed (1) - 75- Level 1
    Dexterity (2) - 200- Level 1
    Reaction (4) - 2400 - Level 3
    Concentration (2) - 200- Level 1


    Hand-to-Hand (3) - 500- Level 1
    Daggers (1) - 0- Level 0
    Swords(1) - 0- Level 0
    Axes (1) - 0- Level 0
    Katana (1) - 0- Level 0
    Chains & Strings (1) - 0- Level 0
    Blunt weapons (1) - 0- Level 0
    Poles (1) - 0- Level 0
    Twohanders (1) - 0- Level 0
    Bows (1) - 0- Level 0
    Firearms (1) - 0- Level 0
    Unconventional Arms (3) - 500- Level 1
    Devil Fruit (4) - 600- Level 1


    Kuchi no naka ni Tōgarashi (Pepper in the Mouth)

    Weapons: Peppers. Hand-to-Hand

    Description: This is a style of combat muchly based on the rather simple premise of cramming spicy peppers into the mouth of one's adversaries, and as such, the most common method is to either thrust one's hand, holding the pepper, into someone's mouth, or to throw large quantities of peppers at them. It is utilized namely by one chef called Pepperbeard, who has eaten the Kosho-Kosho no Mi Devilfruit, but it could be used by any who wished to use this style, should they be in a position where peppers are at hand. The style itself is largely one involving peppers being used to do so much as from merely hindering the opponent, to crippling them due to the sheer force of raw flavor. And of course, the title summarizes it best; a pepper in the mouth. Excrutiating pain to the tongue and throat, often even the lips and sinuses, the nose as well. Certainly, being force-fed peppers isn't an activity you'd enjoy.


    Habanero Hurling!

    Prerequisites: Dexterity (1)
    Weapon types: Peppers.
    Cost: 100

    Description: With this ability, the user has practiced his throwing to a fairly decent degree of accuracy and can throw a spicy pepper, often a Naga Savina Habanero, into the victim's mouth, should they have their mouth open, such as when talking. The pepper could be spit out, but upon touching the tongue, it will be too late, as the taste buds will be immediately set aflame with spicy flavor. Chewing the pepper only makes it worse! Mind you, characters with a high pain tolerance or high tolerance to spicy food will be largely unaffected.

    Chili Choke!

    Prerequisites: Strength (1), Hand-to-Hand (1)
    Weapon types: Peppers. Hand-to-Hand
    Cost: 100

    Description: With this ability, the user takes a pepper, or several peppers into his hand and with much skill and force, shoves them into the poor victim's mouth, FORCING them to eat the pepper, unless they can shove him away in time.

    Devil Fruit

    Kosho-Kosho no Mi ("Pepper-Pepper Fruit")

    Type: Paramecia
    Description: The Kosho Kosho no Mi, AKA Pepper Pepper Fruit is a Devilfruit that bestows on its user the ability to sprout peppers and other spices and herbs from one's hair, or if there is a lack of hair, their hair follicles themselves, both naturally and at will. To sprout them at will requires a bit of concentration, however, and an audible grunt can often be heard. These peppers can vary in types and varieties, from the Sweet Bell Pepper to the Bhut Jolokia and anything in between, and spices and herbs can range from Oregano to Dill and other things. Mind you, other than the peppers and spices, the ability is almost entirely useless. But still, a beard of peppers is a great beard! The fruit itself resembles a Red Savina Habanero, except it has a black swirly pattern coiling around it, and it is about the size of a grapefruit.

    ------------ D-Techniques ------------

    - none -

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    Re: Pepperbeard

    Post by Pepperbeard on Tue Sep 11, 2012 11:30 pm

    Status Sheet II

    Job Expertise

    Navigator - 0 - Level 0
    Doctor - 0 - Level 0
    Cook - 4 - Level 1 (M)
    Smith - 0 - Level 0
    Carpenter - 0 - Level 0
    Musician - 0 - Level 0


    ------------ Job Skills ------------


    Basic Math

    Job: Scholar 0
    Bonus: 0
    Cost: 0

    Description: Elementary school grade math: Addition, subtraction, multiplying and division. Being able to perform these operations is basis for almost everything else.

    Reading and Writing

    Job: Scholar 0
    Bonus: 0
    Cost: 0

    Description: The ability to read and write texts. Usually thaught in school and considered part of one's living standart. As the World Gouvernment established uniform language, everyone can read and understand everyone's writing.



    Job: Cook - 0
    Bonus: 2
    Cost: 100

    Description: Cooking meals defines any cook. But not everyone can be a master of the kitchen from the getgo. That requires years of dedicated training and learning about the right ingredients and how to use them, as well as different techniques to cook raw ingredients.
    Th more trained a cook, the better his food. A beginner might just match Mom's homemeade, while a true expert probably deserves a full five stars for his creations.

    Judging ingredients

    Job: Cook - 1
    Bonus: 2
    Cost: 100

    Description: There isn't always a market or basaar at hand when one needs ingredients, so a good cook should know what natural product -plants, animals- are useable to prepare meals with and which aren't.

    Walking Cane, Wooden
    Butcher's Knife
    Cutting Board
    Metal Sporks (12)
    Mixing Bowls (2)
    Dishes (12)

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    Re: Pepperbeard

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