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It's that time of the year!

Mon Dec 24, 2012 11:55 am by Fuura

Yes it is.

For some it's snowy goodness, for some it's sunny festivities.
Christmas is happening just now and i sincerely hope, no expect, everyone to have a smahing time with family, relatives and …

Grand Opening on the Horizon

Thu May 24, 2012 7:32 am by Fuura

I know there have been a couple people already, who have been watching and have gotten very excited, and today, i am excited to say this:

Everything of importance is done and registrations are open. …

All done with rulemaking

Sat Mar 17, 2012 11:29 pm by Fuura

Yes, all done. With the main rules, as in the rulebook, application rules and creations rules.
The inventory and some minor topics stil need some work. But the main rule construct is all ready.

Rest …

    Riser V. Prowler

    Victor Prowler
    Victor Prowler
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    Riser V. Prowler

    Post by Victor Prowler on Mon Nov 05, 2012 6:28 am

    Character Sheet

    Personal Information

    First Name: Victor
    Last Name: Prowler
    Nickname: The Tall Man, Riser V. Prowler [Commonly]
    Birth date: April 1
    Age: 35
    Weight: 45lbs
    Height: 32'8in

    Eye color: Azure-Gold
    Hair color: White

    Appearance: He is extremely fit and absurdly large man, being a that he he could of either been fit or a fatty, but he is not a lazy pirate just because he is taller than most people. He trains his body to nearly the point of exhaustion daily. This method starting whilst he was a child of sorts. Therefore his body is like a tower of muscles. Many people think his large muscular frame is revolting, to which he laughs. Although he is extremely tall for being a half giant, being the maximum height in which they can attain, which is a total of tall, he often finds himself looking down on others and many would believe he would have a back neck because of this. He however does not because his personality conflicts with the need to look down. Lately, he has just stopped looking at people whom are close to him all together.

    Getting into the specifics now, albeit that he is a man of amazing stature and girth, he happens to not be someone whom would be considered undesirable, despite his abnormalities he has facial features that do not detract from his foreboding nature, but do add an element of wonder. His eyes are pools of oceanic cyan that most people would find alluring, complimented by his skins complexion no undoubtedly. Adding to this he has no facial hair despite his age, which is why many people call him "Kid" before calling him by his proper epitaph "The Tall Man". He has supple lips that are tender and not salt beaten, and he houses nice teeth despite over-sized fangs. His hair is cyan as well.

    His skin obviously is a shade of white but that is only due to the fact that he cakes on make-up. He is actually a dark skinned man, whom's chocolate skin compliments his blue eyes perfectly, being anatomically proportionate to his size, which he could tower easily over smaller buildings, he seems to long for a partner whom is also of his stature. Obviously however the size of the man makes him a target visually by others around him. Though anyone whom knew of him would figure quickly how bad an idea it would be to mess with this mammoth of a man. He is the size of a three-story house effectively. Being big enough that his hands are the size of a Volkswagen.

    Special features: He has a very distinct Irish accent. It is unknown how this is possible as the people from The Creme Isles and for most parts of the world do not have Irish accents. It is believed this accent was born out of his own psychosis. He also is aware of his size, regardless of his actual size it appears he can still copulate normally with human females and mermaids. This oddity is not elaborated on for it would cause confusion.

    He wears what appears to be a massive red coat, under which he usually wears warm "sand" colors for his shirts and tunics. The massive red coat mentioned earlier is emblazoned with his former crew's jolly roger [Which he might use for his new crew if he becomes a captain.] He wears massive banana-gator skinned shoes and he also has on lower bottoms that happen to match his color scheme of red and brown. His clothing is typically red often and he looks like a massive blood stained giant-man rather than a pirate. Or perhaps he does look like a pirate. He wears a holster at the hip that houses a massive sword and massive pistol. He also has what appears to be no problem wearing clothing that is custom tailored from The Creme Isles, which is where he got most of the clothing with him.

    Origin and family

    Origin: The Creme Isles [Dessert Based Islands in North Blue]

    [Father]Captain Donald Prowler / Gave self up to protect his family. [Died whilst in Impel Down]

    [Mother]Abigail Prowler [Deceased]

    [Sister]Captain Circa Surly / Of the Prowler Pirates after father died. [Deceased]

    Shockingly, no one has ever seen Victor Prowler angry or upset before. No matter what happens he has always had a very calming and warm air around him. This could be because he is a very vicious and violent killer whom shows no remorse for those whom have passed away at his hands or at the hands of anyone whom he considers a comrade. He is never surprised about anything due to the fact that he couldn't care less about most things. All that is in his head is that he will become a Yonko, and rule his territories without any hesitation to put down rebellion. He cares little for the world government, willing to become even a Shichibukai if it furthered him along to gaining the Yonko Status. seeing them as disposable pawns, and cares only for himself and his crew-mates. He is able to visibly be angry, but the look upon his face is more of a psychotic grin then something akin to a frown. Even when bored he will begin to speak to himself in a laid back manner. He never shows signs of being worried or scared and has never panicked in the face of death. More ready to laugh at it than to weep in fear. His fearless nature is in fact a trait he has been granted from his father Donald and his uncle. Whom in his own time was a very skilled warrior and showed bravery at most times.

    Victor however is not without his vices, he is a rather large man in all aspects, and he favors gluttony and lust over all other sins. Being easily distracted by a beautiful woman or any chance to get himself pleasured. This might be a trait however that he had earned from his sister during his five year stay with her upon the Silver Jungle, her ship. She helped him gained his manhood after-all, and it would seem she didn't ever explain to him the method of self-control. As his sister was basked in the spoils of being a notorious pirate herself, he had gained a selfish undertone, adapting more of her traits than he perhaps should of. He has a large appetite due to his abnormally large body, and he often seems to be easily caught up in peaceful antics than in violent showdowns. He will eat anything, preferring to eat any creature of any size due to the fact that he can. His main goal is to devour a Island Eater, as he knows those creatures are so massive that not even Giant's or Sea-Kings compare to them in sheer size.

    But regardless of how nice he might seem, or how careless he might be when it comes to ending another persons life, he is a pirate. He would not hesitate to defend something that belongs to him, even if it doesn't technically belong to him. It is perhaps because he feels he owns his crew, that he would be so stead-fast to treat them with any sort of respect. He is also a bit of a creepy guy, due to his inability to stop laughing. From subtle laughs to full out laugh-fests, he has no way of controlling his laugh box, and this leads to him seeming to be mean, especially if someone is hurt or in pain. Although he shows no fear he does have a fear of one thing only, which happens to be children, and refuses to go near them. Even comically freaking out when he sees one. The reason for this might be because they are so abnormally small that it startles him, like a rat to an elephant. Granted even though he fears children, he still likes them, and after-awhile he can get used to being around them. For some reason anyone under the age of five causes him to freak out in ways that would make people think he was on fire.

    Appearance and behavior: To strangers he appears to be a giant monster with a chaotic grin etched on his face. If he had a crew of his own they would see he was actually very fun to be around and loved having good times. His enemies would find him to be childish and someone whom would not be taken lightly despite his lack of seriousness at times. Due to the rumors about his father being the only reason people even acknowledge him, he often doesn't even wear or consider himself a member of the Prowler family.

    Interests and Hobbies: Reading Adult Material, Drinking, Eating, Women, Excessive Violence, Exercising/training, Watching the events of the world unfold from a distance, Being feared, Being liked, Being Respected, Weakness of people he isn't affiliated with, Children.

    Preferences: He prefers to indulge in vices more so than anything else, but he also likes having a reputation that is note-worthy, rather than being some guy whom has his own paradise and does nothing. These interest conflict, as he would not want to ever be the King of Pirates, but rather someone whom was strong enough to be noted by whomever happened to claim that title. He only wishes to seek out the strong and anyone stronger than himself would be dictated to be his rival.
    Dislikes: He dislikes no food. Normal things such as arrogance, prudence, attitude, judgement, and rash judgement. Most of all however he dislikes being associated with the Prowler Pirates or any other weak Pirate crews. Granted in his home-place the Prowler Pirates were a force to be reckoned with, their lack of doing anything important and staying close to the borders of The Creme Isles made them seem afraid to search the seas. His father was a Pirate from before the Golden Age of Pirates but was not noteworthy. He also dislikes people whom do not know of him. Greatly.

    Goals: To become one of the feared Yonko. So that people would finally stop comparing him to his father and his fathers legacy. Despite his kind nature, he will stop at nothing to reach his goal, and holds no loyalties to anyone but himself.

    Being born on The Creme Isle of Honeysuckle Hill the young man known only as Victor Prowler had seen many things that many people had not. His father was the legendary Giant Pirate known as Donald, as his mother was a human woman known simply as Abigail, whom happened to be a very skilled craftswoman. Due to his fathers status as a Pirate, the young man had often heard tales of how great of a combatant his father was. Well, that is a bit of a stretch to be honest, Donald and his entire crew of pirates were considered to be jokes. Why? Because even though Donald was a very large giant , he had eaten the devil fruit named Mini Mini no Mi and married such a small woman. Didn't help that most of the Prowler Pirates were nothing more than humans. As the crew had done many great things in terms of normal civilization, many of the Honeysuckle Hill denizens found the crew was lacking anything special. For this very reason any friends that Victor could of had were very hostile towards him due to his fathers frequent use of he devil fruit. "True Giants wouldn't lower themselves to a human. Literally." That seemed to be the motto that everyone was so focused on.

    However it didn't seem to matter much once the time came for the island to be attacked by rival pirate crew, the Melody Pirates. Whom had burned a good portion of the island to cinders as they waited for Donald and his crew to make it out. It was here that he witnessed that his father was not some puny worthless man. Donald and his crew were capable of keeping the enemy pirate faction at bay for nearly ten whole days, despite the fact that the melody pirates had five ships and over fifty crew members. Compared to the small and feeble six Prowler Pirates. His uncle on his mothers side, Reginald, had been slashing down as many people as he could, growing tired numerous times but battling on. It was this showing of determination that inspired the boy to become a pirate. He found their relentless will and complete and utter lack of fear to be respectable. When Captain Melody Masters had arisen from her cabin on the white ship Pearl Brittany, it was clear that the climax of the showdown was reaching. But instead of a Captain vs Captain bout, something less appealing seemed to occur.

    Circa, the older step-sister of Victor, had drawn her sword and rushed the beaches of the island. With a dive forward she would slash with such great prowess that she left the Pearl Brittany in ruins. Watching the helpless pirate crew struggle in the oceans. As Circa reached back to shore she was celebrated by everyone on the island. This was the start of every problem that Victor had to deal with. He had heard it daily actually, the flustered praise of his sister had grown out of control. Grating on his nerves more so than anything that had ever transpired before. Ten years later from that event it would appear that Circa had become a full fledged pirate, with the original Prowler Pirates rumored to disappear at sea, Abigail fashioned a massive ship for Circa and her friends. Whom dubbed themselves the Prowler Pirates after the now-famous missing crew. Sadly this version was praised more due to the fact that they were all Giants. Unlike when he was a younger man, his mother found a bound with Circa after many years of trying to replace Circa's real mother. As the Prowler pirates set off, everyone cheered.

    Much to the annoyance of the lad, he would be only the age of 15 at this time. Going to his secret spot on the island and training his skills against many of the exotic animals, he would often get his ass handed to him. But he didn't seem to care in the slightest. The reason for this was due to the fact that he knew that his uncle would be disappointed in him if he allowed failure to define his personality. Every single time that it would seem that the training was getting out of hand, it would come to the conclusion that with just a little bit more effort he would exceed his limitations. This philosophy that was born out of the sweat and bloodied knuckles of Victor had served him greatly when the day came that his fathers friend Pharaoh, had made his own expedition crew and was planning on going out of the grand-line and into the North Blue to look for a medical herb that didn't normally grow on the island itself. Needing a cabin boy, they didn't hesitate to take Victor along, especially seeing as his family was now very respected on The Creme Isles, being it's saviors and one of the most valued crews to ever spawn from that location.

    Luckily as he went with the crew his own mother decided to tag along, because it had been rumored that Circa's crew currently took over an Island in the East Blue, establishing the name of the Prowler Pirates a bit. Circa's bounty at the time had already exceeded her own fathers, reaching an impressive 21,000,000 berries. As the crew had studied more into the reason why Circa's bounty was this high, and yet she was not already under custody, they figured that they would drop it. But Pharaoh had pulled the young lad Victor aside and discussed the possible reasons why Circa's bounty had exceeded to that level despite the fact that her father was missing. During the conversation it was noted that several of the pirates that had ever been caught and sent to Impel down still kept their bounties, this was just in case they had ever escaped. Now it was odd that she would have such a high bounty after only being out on the sea for at least a year. Further deduction revealed a shocking truth.

    When the crew had finally reached her island fortress, the bodies of numerous humans had been caged all over the outside walls. This was a shock to Abigail, as one of the humans happened to be her own brother. As the ship reached nearer, Circa emerged from inside, her clothing was different, it was a massive set of marine apparel. She started to explain what had happened, and that she had turned on her father just like he had turned on her own mother, and she had sent the man to Impel down by setting him up with fellow marines. Due to this betrayal her and her crew had no bounties, she had planned this out the entire time, due to the fact that she took her fathers crew name, so any crimes they committed before ratting her father out fell solely on him, they were only commended and inducted into the Marines. Even though however they were marines they had managed to keep this base as secret, and used it to keep the rest of the original Prowler Pirate crew, so they could raise the bounties of each of these members and lift the amount of gold they could sell them for, and sell others into the slave trade.

    This led to a very small battle, known in The Creme Isles as the Prowler War. Pharaoh and his crew lashed out against the betrayers in the Prowler Pirates, and a fight commenced. Even though Pharaoh had experienced soldiers and seamen aboard his vessel, he admitted that Circa was truly the prodigy of the Prowler Legacy. As she and Pharaoh clashed blades, Victor decided that he would free the prisoners, accomplishing this task a bit before slipping past the entrance of the building and heading deep within the complex. As he searched around he found a startling discovery, housed in the middle chamber of this fortress was the Mini Mini no Mi itself. Proof that her father had died whilst in Impel down, and that Circa had found the fruit and kept it for herself. Though the reasons were unclear, it seemed obvious she planned to use it to lure more people to this base to be slaves, by getting more weaker people to join her crew and then abduct them. How did he come to this conclusion however, he simply noted all the factors. By the time he got the entire story worked out however, he was capable of noting the Circa had re-entered the complex. She dashed for the fruit and consumed it before Victor could take it away. Shrinking down to his side she finally tossed him a sword and decided to see which of the children were superior.

    After his loss, Circa would go ahead and send Abigail back to warn the citizens of Honeysuckle Hill that the world was getting more and more violent. As Abigail sailed away, the ship was fired on, and it is assumed and agreed that she died. Shocked that his own sister was this blood-thirsty, he decided to play it smart and be her protege. As he began to learn about all of these combat based experiences from his sister, he took advantage of her ego and usually drunken nature to learn about other aspects of the world itself on numerous occasions. Becoming her first mate quite literally. With nothing more than a bit of confidence and skillful tact he eventually was able to convince the crew that a giant treasure awaited on a far away island. Whilst looking for the treasure, Circa and her crew went deep into the heavily thickened jungles. Falling back he awaited as the crew of pirates turned traitor had found themselves picked off one by one by the outrageously powerful native creatures. In the end it was simply Circa, whom had returned to where he boat had docked, with an entire arm gone, and bleeding wildly. As she questioned why the dangers of this island were not better explained, she had to use her fruit to compress her size, turning down to his size, as she continued to speak to the man. Whom had been her brother Victor. With a smile he would rush her, now weakened, and with pure brute force and skill he would beat her to a near death state. As she lay broken, he noticed how the fruit worked. You had to willingly change size, and if not you would die the size you currently were. With this in mind he would dispatch his sister by crucifying her to a tree. Using two knives he had taken earlier. Laughing like a madman he would grin at her body and then leave. Her exposed form forever marking her betrayal. He would leave the island, and head to Cathedral Town, but a fierce wind would wreck the ship, and he would end up all the way up on the other side of the East Blue. Landing where he would sharpen his skills. Shellstown. It would be here that he would spend his next ten years, until the day that he decided that he would finish what his family could never do. Conquer the New World and establish fear in others.

    Twas in Shellstown where he would benefit the most however, as he first arrived he had found that the place was like a law-filled wonderland, and by working a few jobs for a man named Snarksies, he would be lucky enough to venture into the right crowds. Some of these everyday people were ex-scholars and psychologists whom happened to have been abducted by other criminals and indoctrinated into different splinter cells due to their over-all value, and smooth talking skills. These prominent figures even rose in ranks within their own factions, secretly inching their way to the top of the social ladders in each respective field. Before he ventured to Shellstown, he had recovered the devil fruit known as Mini Mini no Mi from his older sister, but hadn't eaten it until he first arrived in Shellstown, for fear of drowning as the storm had picked up. The only reason he didn't lose the fruit was because he had kept the object in his inner coat pocket. When he did eat the fruit he was able to shrink himself down to a reasonable size, and interact with the people of Shellstown, none of them knowing that he was in fact a Goliath.

    But something about him, his unreasonable strength for his age, would allow for them to find use for him. He seemed to be a quick learner, which impressed two very important men whom practically ran their own respective cells on the outskirts of Shellstown. Groups were ran as splinter cells because of the tight marine grip on Shellstown, so most business dealings were shady, and not made open to the public. Galeforth and Makenroe. Makenroe was the first to take a shining to the lad, and taught him about the way that people thought. Saying how it was an important tool that when used properly would help askew faith's predetermined path. It seemed that every new day Makenroe would take time out of his day and teach Victor something about mentality, anatomy and the like. It was events like these that caused a hindrance to the training that Victor had made his body accustomed too, as now his mind would be shaped daily for years to come. Without any breaks besides the few jobs and eating sessions. Good that he was able to learn easier than most people, because when Galeforth heard about how his men got tricked into attacking a Marine officer he went looking for the boy. Rather than killing him he watched the kid in action and decided that he would help this kid due to his "Enercentric Pertenterials [Eccentric Potential.] These people on this island, they were small-time.

    Galeforth and Makenroe were smart men whom knew that they only had a limited scope, couldn't dare to grasp more than what they had because they lacked the effective tools to get the job done. But Victor didn't have those bonds to Shellstown. He was a silly puddy and they molded his mind into their dreams and ambitions. Once ten years had already supplanted itself, it came to be great knowledge that had gone into Victors head, included with his attitude and selfish desires he felt that he wanted to acquire a region for himself. Being king would mean plenty of people would want you dead, but he saw that if you had your own territory you could grow more knowledge. So he knew he would need to make a crew and set forth to become a Pirate Lord. As a Yonko he would have different places to learn and experiment. But all of that would have to wait until he actually accumulated fortune, fame, and glory. He defied the typical archtype of sitting around one place reading, rather he knew that the one place in the world with most of the knowledge was Ohara, and he would need to make the West Blue his personal Playground if he wanted to acquire the knowledge that facility possessed. With his goals in mind he would march. Looking for like-minded individuals.

    Character Image

    Avatar origin:
    Kirby Series , King Dedede

    Writing Sample
    [I wrote this in the style of if I was on an adventure with fellow role-players. Borus would count as one of these "fellow" role-players.]

    ....Mastodon, with wide steps and crossed arms the mega-man would move through the town. Eyes fixated on him as per usual, but he cared little. His arrival was always less than subtle. Everywhere he went he could not help but draw attention to himself, his abnormal height even gained glances from other full fledged giants just due to the fact that he was not someone whom you'd actually think you'd manage to see. Someone whom was on the threshold of being both a giant and a human, he was not just unreasonably tall, his entire stature and way of acting and moving was just odd. Most giant's never spent time honing their bodies, it was a useless gesture due to the fact that they were given great bodies. But that was not the case for Victor. He happened to love the fact that he was more masculine than others, it made up for his seemingly girlish face. Which was something in itself that he had found great resentment in having. As the man moved through the town he would look on his shoulder, his friend Borus was simply looking out onto the city and spoke to the massive man accordingly.

    As Borus made his points on the outlook of the town, it was then that Victor would unsheathe his massive blade with his left hand in one fluid motion. He had no skill with swords, but the massive cleaver-like blade was enough to freak out the townsfolk. The marines had no been paying attention to this man specifically because they were busy at their posts. But once the cling of his blade was heard, some of the warrant officers had assembled before him. Glaring up at the man with rifles pointed. "You people down there, I know for a fact that you are housing the Mallet of Cap'N Pogunga. I don't wanna fight over such an artifact, it would just be nice as a gift of good faith from you people to me." He stated as if he was already in charge of the island itself. His real intent was not to get that weapon, but to rob the city blind. With a majority of the marines seemingly fixated on his potential devastation, his crew of mates seemed to be away doing their own missions accordingly. Sneaking around and stealthily dispatching the marines as they amassed around the Goliath Riser...
    Victor Prowler
    Victor Prowler
    Pirate Captain

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    Re: Riser V. Prowler

    Post by Victor Prowler on Mon Nov 05, 2012 6:29 am

    Status Sheet I


    Strength (2) - 1500 - Level 2
    Stamina (2) - 1500 - Level 2
    Speed (4) - 150 - Level 1
    Dexterity (1) - 100 - Level 1
    Reaction (1) - 100 - Level 1
    Concentration (1) - 0 - Level 0


    Hand-to-Hand (4) - 273 - Level 1
    Daggers (1) - 0 - Level 0
    Swords(1) - 0 - Level 0
    Axes (1) - 0 - Level 0
    Katana (1) - 0 - Level 0
    Chains & Strings (1) - 0 - Level 0
    Blunt weapons (1) - 0 - Level 0
    Poles (1) - 0 - Level 0
    Twohanders (1) - 0 - Level 0
    Bows (1) - 0 - Level 0
    Firearms (2) - 100 - Level 1
    Unconventional arms (1) - 0 - Level 0
    Devil Fruit (4) - 150 - Level 1

    Devil Fruit

    Devilfruit Name Mini Mini no Mi

    Type: Paramecia

    Description: The user of this fruit is capable of shrinking down to a smaller size, making it easier for him to interact with humans and smaller creatures, as well as gain flexibility in terms of avoiding attacks. It also seems that the users clothes along with their currently equipped weapons change size to match the effectiveness of the ability, thus they grow larger when the user turns into their normal forms. At its base they can go from their original size into the size of an Ant. The fruit itself has a fixed rate of change, allowing the user to change their form at faster rates with the higher amount of Devil Fruit Points they have. It is as followed typically.

    Devil Fruit Level 0-2: The user can change into any desired form in a total of a minutes time.
    Devil Fruit Level 2-4: The user can change into any desired form in a total of thirty seconds.
    Devil Fruit Level 5: Instant change of form, swapping from small to large in a single second.

    ------------ D-Techniques ------------
    Victor Prowler
    Victor Prowler
    Pirate Captain

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    Re: Riser V. Prowler

    Post by Victor Prowler on Mon Nov 05, 2012 6:30 am

    Status Sheet II

    Job Expertise

    Navigator - 0 - Level 0
    Doctor - 0 - Level 0
    Cook - 0 - Level 0
    Smith - 0 - Level 0
    Carpenter - 0 - Level 0
    Musician - 0 - Level 0

    Scholar (M)

    ------------ Job Skills ------------

    Reading & Writing
    Job: Scholar - 0
    Bonus: 0
    Cost: 0

    Description: The ability to read and write texts. Usually taught in school and considered part of one's living standard. As the World Government established uniform language, everyone can read and understand everyone's writing.

    Basic Math
    Job: Scholar - 0
    Bonus: 0
    Cost: 0

    Description: Elementary school grade math: Addition, subtraction, multiplying and division. Being able to perform these operations is basis for almost everything else.

    Social Sciences
    Job: Scholar
    Cost: 50
    Description: Almost no scholar gets past not studying the world's history to some degree. Many quickly turn to more interesting fields, but if they don't, the knowledge might be helpful in more then one way.

    Job: Scholar
    Cost: 50
    Prerequisites: History

    Description: Important witnesses about the history of the world are always the books and texts written in it by great personalities. Knowing these does not only serve the scholar to have a fitting philosophical quote for every situation, but also deepens their historical knowledge and understanding by a fair bit.
    Musicians have extra benefit from this knowledge for their drama and lyrics.

    Job: Scholar
    Cost: 250
    Prerequisites: Literature
    Description: Although one of the more difficult proficiencies, philosophy is also probably one of the more intellectually entertaining ones. How much practical use this yields is a wonderful argument, but that already shows, that argumentation is one of the most favorite things real scholars do.

    Job: Scholar (M)
    Cost: 500
    Prerequisites: Philosophy

    Description: The science around psychology is one of the most complicated scientific fields to date and still wide areas of it are undiscovered. Yet, it is very useful to those that take the time and effort to become knowledgeable. Some uses are: seeing trough most lies, manipulating and directing people subtly or roughly foresee their actions. Regardless, psychology is a very theoretical science and doesn't work precisely on every mind.

    Job: Scholar
    Cost: 100

    Description: Even basic things such as talking can turn into a science of it's own. If it does, this is called rhetoric. How to talk in front of an audience, how to argument in a way that convinces someone of my standpoint? And most importantly: How do i warp truth to my benefit? Questions to which rhetoric knowledge holds answers, among other things.
    Musicians have extra benefit from this knowledge for their drama and lyrics.

    Basic biology
    Job: Scholar
    Cost: 100

    Description: In short, biology is science about everything that's alive or used to be alive, all that is organic - and thereby also about inorganic things to a degree. Teaches mostly basic knowledge, specific parts are handled in later stages of study.

    Job: Scholar
    Cost: 200
    Prerequisites: Basic biology

    Description: Anatomy roughly describes the composition of animals, including humanoid races. Which organ goes where, which bones fulfill which purpose. This helps finding possible problems in the blueprint of a patient, when treating their illnesses and wounds, as well as it gives a scholar the knowledge about how to stitch his comrades together correctly.

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