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It's that time of the year!

Mon Dec 24, 2012 11:55 am by Fuura

Yes it is.

For some it's snowy goodness, for some it's sunny festivities.
Christmas is happening just now and i sincerely hope, no expect, everyone to have a smahing time with family, relatives and …

Grand Opening on the Horizon

Thu May 24, 2012 7:32 am by Fuura

I know there have been a couple people already, who have been watching and have gotten very excited, and today, i am excited to say this:

Everything of importance is done and registrations are open. …

All done with rulemaking

Sat Mar 17, 2012 11:29 pm by Fuura

Yes, all done. With the main rules, as in the rulebook, application rules and creations rules.
The inventory and some minor topics stil need some work. But the main rule construct is all ready.

Rest …

    Frontier City


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    Frontier City

    Post by Fuura on Tue May 22, 2012 11:07 am

    Frontier City

    This island earned it's name trough it's relatively short distance to River's Mountain, the entry point to the Grand Line. As such, this Town provides the last stop and chance for many ships and their crews to restock, regenerate and prepare before entering the Line.
    Being an axis point this vital, naturally, the gouvernment forces have taken firm grip of the island. one of the biggest marine bases in a blue is located in Frontier City, with masses of soldiers stationed, the mayer also being the base commanding officer. After all, all of the pirates setting out for the Grand Line have to pass by this island eventually, and what better place to stop them, then a bottleneck like this. As a result, decapitations, hangings and firing squads are almost daily events with many observers.
    Other then marine presence, it's a pretty well-developed town and island, acting as a trade hub for goods from all over the North Blue and home to many different businesses. Most of the citizens live very peacefully in the Marine Bases shadow and as such, look up to it's commander in a positive way.


    - none -


    Captain Gregory Kurtz
    Captain and thus in charge of the Frontier Town Marine Base. Also mayor of the same.
    He's not one for many words, but definately a man of justice and fiarness. While he has the task of running this town, meant to capture and execute as many of the still inexperienced pirates as possible, he always holds true to his word and never leaves a debt unpaid. On the other side of the coin, Kurtz is very strict with the enforcment of law and keeping of order. He is hardly ever seen out in the actual events, as he is just the head of operations, not the one to be doing it.

    Franklin Wetto
    Cpt. Kurtz's right-hand-man and the exact opposite of his. Always on patrol and looking for some lawbreakers or even better, pirates to arrest, he is a very busy man. Also, very hotheaded, as he picks fights with nearly every pirate ship's crew once they arrive on the island. To him, there should not ever be any mercy towards folks like pirates. Wetto ends up in debates with his superiour about this attitude, and yet, he is considered a loyal and important asset to the marine effort in Frontier City, just as he too -regardless of any disputes- accepts Cpt. Kurtz's orders without resistance or hesitation.

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