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It's that time of the year!

Mon Dec 24, 2012 11:55 am by Fuura

Yes it is.

For some it's snowy goodness, for some it's sunny festivities.
Christmas is happening just now and i sincerely hope, no expect, everyone to have a smahing time with family, relatives and …

Grand Opening on the Horizon

Thu May 24, 2012 7:32 am by Fuura

I know there have been a couple people already, who have been watching and have gotten very excited, and today, i am excited to say this:

Everything of importance is done and registrations are open. …

All done with rulemaking

Sat Mar 17, 2012 11:29 pm by Fuura

Yes, all done. With the main rules, as in the rulebook, application rules and creations rules.
The inventory and some minor topics stil need some work. But the main rule construct is all ready.

Rest …

    Gabishi "Hikuro" Nails


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    Gabishi "Hikuro" Nails

    Post by Gabishi on Sat Sep 01, 2012 3:16 am

    Character Sheet

    Personal Information

    First Name: Gabishi
    Last Name: H. Nails
    Nickname: Gab, Gabby, Hikuro (He goes with this name since he don’t want people to know his real name), Fallen Angel (Someone give him this name after looking at Hikuro’s back, and he kinda hates this nickname).
    Birth date: 30 September
    Age: 18
    Weight: 64 kg
    Height: 186 cm

    Eye colour: Dark Blue
    Hair colour: Black

    Appearance:Gabishi looks like any normal guy you see in the streets.Gabishi have a very athletic body, he trained since he was very young. He have a pale skin because he don’t like to stay under the sun for much. Many people said that Gabishi have beautiful yet mysterious dark blue eyes, thanks to his mother. He also have short, spiky, black hair took from his father that both of his older brother and sister didn’t took. Gabishi looks really different from his older brother and older sister, that why his brother always make fun of him.

    Special features: Gabishi have a really big scar on his chest to his lower neck given by his brother. He also have some tattoos around his body. Black wings on his back, the kanji for fire and hiragana for black on his left arm. Another really strange thing is when Gabishi fights, his dark blue eyes turns into dark red, some doctors said that when his agitated his blood pumps through his eyes so fast that makes his eyes turns red.

    Clothing: Hikuro like to wear simple cloths to freely move. Somehow he likes to wear dark colored cloths, maybe because he wants to match’s with his hairs. He really likes to cover his skin from the sun rays, that’s why he have more long sleeved cloths. But when he fights he more like to use short sleeved cloths and short pants to move more quickly.

    Origin and family

    Origin: Cocoyasi Village, Konomie Islands, East Blue

    Father: Lucas V. Nails (Deceased) – Famous pirate
    Mother: Betty F. Nails (Assumed Alive) – One of the Marines’ captains
    Older Brother:Fitto F. Nails (Assumed Alive) – Joined the Marines
    Older Sister:Cassandra V. Nails (Assumed Alive) - Unknown
    Grandfather: Tony H. Nails (Assumed Dead) – Former famous pirate


    Personality: Gabishi personality is probably very different than many people would think.Gabishi is said to be a very shy person, but he initially tries to hide this by "acting cool". Gabishi have a strong and distinctive personality, and absolutely not be a "silent, gloomy little boy". He’s sort of shy about getting to know people, and tends to stay away from people he doesn't know. He remains rather silent and aloof to people he doesn't know, which makes him seem kinda self-centered. His even very gentle towards other people and friends. He even apologize at anything that he do wrong, even when someone else do something wrong.

    To his friends he is a nice and friendly person.This type of friendly development shows he is not indifferent to all, such as when he is seen with his friends and laughs.Gabishi likes helping out in any possible ways and happy to give advice and such. As a contrast to him being quiet to strangers, if he finds somebody he deems interesting or fun to talk to, he tries to impress them by acting cool and casual.However, he becomes extremely aggressive and loud once he grabs his sword, or any sword.
    He become like a demon and get angry really easy.
    Gabishi feels that it is his duty to protect his friends, even his captain. As a result, he sometimes acts rashly or overestimates his own strength.

    Appearance and behaviour:
    Like is personality, Gabishi its really silent and shy when his in public. Many woman fall in love with him for looking silent and cool, but Gabishi use his coolness to cover his shyness towards other people. He quickly get scared about new things that he don’t knows, but he still cover that by being cool. Even thought Gabishi is a shy towards other people, he don’t mind to help others that need help.

    When Gabishi is around his friends he act like any normal guy. His very friendly towards his friends and captain. He loves when his in a party with his friends, because that makes him fells calm.

    Interests and Hobbies: Gabishi is really interested in swords. Just looking at a sword Gabishi become really happy. He likes to collect any type of swords from all around the world, especially rare swords. Even if his enemies have a rare sword, he won’t think a second time before fighting with him/her.

    He really like hearing stories from all over the world, since his grandfather like used to tell them at him. He likes to travel and to see the world. He really like to have fun around his friends.

    Preferences: Swords, Katanas, Fights, Girls, Alcohol, Music, Night sky.
    Dislikes: Hot places, rude people, broken swords, World Government, Marines, his mother and brother.

    1. Becoming the strongest swordsman in the earth.
    2. Revenge the dead of his father.


    Gabishi H. Nails was born in the Konomie Islands, exactly in Cococyasi Village. He was the 3rd son from a strange couple. His father was a really famous pirate, meanwhile her mother was part of the Marines. Yup, it was a really a strange family but they where happy with their life. Gabishi’s father was one of the most remarkable swordsman of the sea, since he used to have a really good speed, almost like a lighting. Gabishi’s father decided to teach Gabishi, Fitto, Cassandra to use swords from a really early age, even thought their mother wasn’t sure about it. Gabishi past a lot of training and test to understand a lot about swords, increase his speed and strength, and finally to learn to survive against stronger enemies. After some years Gabishi’s mother was re-called by the Marines to help them, and she decided to go, leaving her family in the village. Time pass since his mother was on duty and Gabishi become a really good swordsman, but still not the best. His father decided that was time to give him the family most precious weapon, the Nightfall, making Fitto jealous of Gabishi and angry at his father. At first it was really hard to use the Nightfall but after some years of training,Gabishi master it.

    One day the Marines show upon the village, Gabishi was happy since he can’t wait for his mother to come back, but eventually that day become Gabishi nightmare. Her mother become a captain of a Marines ship and come back to the island not to see her family but to capture a pirate, no other than his own husband. Gabishi can’t believe about it and decided to protect his father, he haven raised his sword upon his own mother and swear that he will kill her if she was going to capture his father. Eventually Fitto was taking his mother side and decided to fight against his own little brother. That was the fight that Gabishi got his scar in the chest. Gabishi’s father decided to flee with Gabishi into a cave to hide. Inside the cave a Gabishi’s grandpa helped them with their injuries but nothing can do for Gabishi’s chest and he losing so much blood. Hearing that Gabishi’s father decided to give him, his own blood to Gabishi. Gabishi can’t believe about it and decided to help his father and grandfather to escape from the island. The three of them decided to create a raft too get out from the island,but upon the time of the escape, Gabishi’s father got caught. Gabishi suddenly ran to help him but he was to late, his own father got executed right in from of his eyes, by his own mother. He once again fight against his older brother, Fitto and took his left eye out.His grandfather come to the scene and helped Gabishi and forced him to leave. Gabishi decided to escape from the island, he can’t stop crying about what happened to his father.

    After some years Gabishi become more mature and traumatized by that tragedy, but he didn’t have to give up on life and especially not join the Marines. From now he have only two mission: Become the strongest swordsman in the world, and finish a massed up business.

    Character Image

    Avatar origin: Final Fantasy Versus XIII – NoctisLucis Caelum

    Writing Sample
    Gabishi’s Past
    Why? Why? Why did you do that?... ANSWER ME MOM!!!! Gabishi was on his knees, crying while shouting towards his mother. He can’t stop crying, he can’t believe that his own beloved mother killed Gabishi’s father just like that. His mother just looked at Gabishi, with no emotions and no answers. She quickly remove the blood of her husband from her blade while looking at the dead body of Gabishi’s father. Gabishi’s brother,Fitto, was just standing there beside their mother with his arm crossed while looking at Gabishi. Gabishi was still crying from the pain in his heart, he was really angry towards her mother and older brother. He quickly grabbed his sword and ran towards his mother trying to slice her. But the attack was blocked by Fitto, with his sword and kicked Gabishi right in his chest. Gabishi rolled back in pain still crying. What a cry baby you are. Fitto said putting his big sword on his shoulder while walking toward Gabishi. To tell the truth you make me sick, Gab. Always trying to get Dad attention and everything, always trying to be his favorite. Fitto said while looking down at Gabishi. SHUT UP!!! Gabishi said while getting up and made a up slice towards Fitto’s face. FUC- Fitto yelled while covering his right eye. Eventually Gabishi attack was effective and took out Fitto’s right eye. Gabishi eventually pass Fitto and ran towards his mother trying once again to attack her, But once again his attack was blocked by his mother. Fitto without hesitation try to impale Gabishi from behind. Suddenly a old man come to rescue Gabishi. The old man blocked Fitto’s attack, grabbed Gabishi and jumped back for safety Ok, the party is over. The old man said to the marines that where behind their captain, Gabishi’s mother. Gabishi’s mother, Betty, raise her face and looked at the old man with her blue eyes So, you finally showing huh? Tony H. Nails? Betty said while looking at him. Tony just smiled at her and let Gabishi go off his arm. Betty…. I’m really disappointed in you. Don’t you care about your kid? Tony said while looking at Betty with a killing aura. Suddenly Fitto jumped to attack Tony, but he missed and got kicked by Tony. Give him back!!! Fitto yelled at Tony, ordering to give Gabishi back at him. Gabishi just look at his grandpa while facing both Fitto and Betty. Go Gabishi, you have to escape. I promised your father that you going to live. Gabishi was surprised to hear that from his grandpa but he didn’t want to leave him alone. But, but… Gabishi was trying to respond but he got cut by his granpa NO BUT!!! GO NOW!!! Tony said while he ran toward both Betty and Fitto. Gabishi can’t believe but he decided to follow his grandpa instruction and flee. He managed to get on the raft that he created with his father and grandpa. He sat sail and escaped from the island while crying. He was so mad at both his mother and brother that he decided to get his revenge.

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    Re: Gabishi "Hikuro" Nails

    Post by Gabishi on Sat Sep 01, 2012 3:17 am

    Status Sheet I


    Strength (2) - 100 - Level 1
    Stamina (1) - 75 - Level 0
    Speed (3) - 1000 - Level 2
    Dexterity (2) - 100 - Level 1
    Reaction (2) - 800 - Level 2
    Concentration (2) - 700 - Level 1


    Hand-to-Hand (2) - 100 - Level 1
    Daggers (1) - 0 - Level 0
    Swords(4) - 1050 - Level 2
    Axes (1) - 0 - Level 0
    Katana (3) - 125 - Level 1
    Chains & Strings (1) - 0 - Level 0
    Blunt weapons (1) - 0 - Level 0
    Poles (1) - 0 - Level 0
    Twohanders (2) - 100 - Level 1
    Bows (1) - 0 - Level 0
    Firearms (1) - 0 - Level 0
    Unconventional arms (1) - 0 - Level 0
    Devil Fruit (1) - 0 - Level 0


    Style Name
    Fukashikōsen style
    Weapons: Swords, Katana, Two handed swords.
    Description:This swordsmanship style stays true to its name as the swordsman emulate flashes of light striking opponents with the utmost speed and accuracy. The swordsman is more focused using his speed to attack his enemies and to dodge attacks more quickly.It has no flashy attacks and no movement is wasted making this style one of the deadliest.
    ------------ Techniques ------------

    Fukashikōsen style: Demon Fang
    Prerequisites: Speed (1), Strength (1)
    Weapon types: Swords, Katana, Two handed swords.
    Cost: 100

    Description: The user swings their weapon along the ground creating a compressed wave heading directly for their target.

    Fukashikōsen style: Strike of Disgrace
    Prerequisites: Speed (2), Concentration (1)
    Weapon typed: Swords, Katana, Two handed swords.
    Cost: 200

    Description: the user delivers eleven strikes to the enemy before sheathing their sword. Although the strikes are not deep enough to kill it is extremely hard to dodge as the user would have to see the slashes as they come towards them something a normal eye would not be able to do.

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    Re: Gabishi "Hikuro" Nails

    Post by Gabishi on Sat Sep 01, 2012 3:17 am

    Status Sheet II

    Job Expertise

    Navigator - 0 - Level 0
    Doctor - 0 - Level 0
    Cook - 0 - Level 0
    Smith - 2 - Level 1 (M)
    Carpenter - 0 - Level 0
    Musician - 0 - Level 0


    ------------ Job Skills ------------

    Reading & Writing

    Job: Scholar - 0
    Bonus: 0
    Cost: 0

    Description: The ability to read and write texts. Usually taught in school and considered part of one's living standard. As the World Government established uniform language, everyone can read and understand everyone's writing.

    Basic Math

    Job: Scholar - 0
    Bonus: 0
    Cost: 0

    Description: Elementary school grade math: Addition, subtraction, multiplying and division. Being able to perform these operations is basis for almost everything else.

    -Smith Skills-


    Job: Smith - 0
    Bonus: 1
    Cost: 50

    Description:Before creating from scratch comes the refreshing of what is already there. Repairing a damaged weapon, like sharpening a blade or rejoining an undone hilt is required much more often then new weapons - as it is also usually faster. Repairing only works for damaged weapons though, if it's completely broken, it's either thrash or needs to be reforged completely, a simple patchy repair won't do.

    Create Swords

    Job: Smith - 1 (M)
    Bonus: 1
    Cost: 50

    Description:The knowledge and training required to create basic Swords from scratch. Starter pieces are of low quality, with some training they are somewhat above commonly sold weapons.

    - Nightfall = Gabishi’s sword given by his father (Look at the picture)
    - Arm Guard (He only wears it when he fights)
    - Family Photo (He always put inside his pocket)

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    Re: Gabishi "Hikuro" Nails

    Post by Fuura on Mon Sep 03, 2012 7:33 am

    Top to bottom as i read trough.
    Firstly, the time/grammar seems pretty coherently wrong. "give" instead of "gave", "have" instead of "has", and similiars.

    "becomes extremely aggressive and loud once he grabs his sword, or any sword"
    I feel like that's either a really terrible psychosis or oddly worded. That's normally not how it works - if anything you probably will want to put it somewhere towards something along the lines of "if he's agitated enough to take up his sword, shit's bad" or something. In any case that whole "angry super rage" thing wants to be rephrased into a more favorable shape.

    Appearance and behaviour - Interests and Hobbies
    Both of which seem a bit short, compose another paragraph for each, please, so that they are about equal with Personality - if you have trouble coming up with things, try to go into more detail why he does like certain things or act in certain ways on certain situations etc. You have lots of things in your preferences and dislikes that you could also explain in detail if you got the muse to write a lot.

    "His father was a really famous pirate, meanwhile her mother was part of the Marines."
    With a lead-in like that, you should explain a little, how this came to happen, really. There would be problems and ramifications by the marines if that were to be known, for example.

    Generally, you might want to flesh out the history a little. Some things are a bit vague and some are rightout hard to believe or understand. And the general grammar/spelling problem adds it's own. It might sound like a lot but you'll be more pleased with it yourself, in the long run.

    Don't use spoiler for your image, please. It doesn't even seem to work in this instance. Just put the image directly.

    Lastly, use the correct coding templates for the techniques and skills. Also, get your style with it's techniques posted in the Creation Forum for approval.


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    Re: Gabishi "Hikuro" Nails

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